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Postby pinkGLAM » Sun Feb 11, 2001 7:19 pm

It's been reported that Eminem will be turning up for his gig at the London Arena tomorrow (February 9th) and on Saturday by boat.

A British tabloid has claimed that the bad boy rap artist will be taking the trip down the Thames in order to avoid gay rights protestors and will be escorted by police back up.

'The Sun' has said that Eminem is keen to steer clear of any trouble after being granted special permission to miss a US court hearing while he's here in the UK.

A 'tour insider' told the paper: 'We've been talking about arriving by boat for months and Eminem is really keen to do it. We're just hoping the weather is good because we don't want our star arriving seasick.'

Gay right group Outrage! are promising to demonstrate at the forthcoming shows in London and tonight at the Manchester Evening Arena.

Activists have condemned the rapper and say that his lyrics, which often refer to 'f**', are filled with hate and spite.

Campaigner Peter Thatchell said: 'Eminem is a brilliant lyricist. But talent is no excuse for prejudice.'

Meanwhile, the American stars' mother is considering dropping the lawsuit against her son.

Debbie-Mathers-Briggs is saying that she was 'in shock' when the legal papers were served to her son and that her intention had only been to scare him.

She had wanted him to stop making more derogatory remarks about her in his songs.

'He was to send Marshall a letter warning him to stop being so demeaning and said if he didn't stop the lawyer would hit him with a lawsuit,' explained Mathers-Briggs.

'The next thing I knew, my son was hit with a $10 million lawsuit. I was in shock. I had no idea my son was going to get hit for $10 million.'


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