Album of the Year prediction

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Album of the Year prediction

Postby pinkGLAM » Sun Feb 18, 2001 8:01 pm

Album of the Year
• Midnite Vultures, Beck
• The Marshall Mathers LP, Eminem
• Kid A, Radiohead
• You're the One, Paul Simon
• Two Against Nature, Steely Dan

Since groups seldom win top kudos, you can 86 Radiohead and Steely Dan. This matchup is between Eminem, Beck and Paul Simon.

Eminem deserves to win. He recently accomplished what other past Best Album champs like the Beatles and Alanis Morissette achieved: He topped the year's sales charts while also topping most critics' top-10 lists of the year's best music. Granted, Em's been beaten up lately, but he still has a large constituency within the Academy. So, he could pull off a surprise. But it's more likely he'll lose to either Beck (a sexy alternative for the cool vote) or Paul Simon (a sexy choice for the large bloc of older voters).

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