Debbie Mathers-Briggs was on Access Hollywood

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Debbie Mathers-Briggs was on Access Hollywood

Postby admin » Tue Feb 20, 2001 12:09 am

>>> That's home video of grammy-nominee eminem. Seven years ago. Now his mom speaks out about her controversial son in tonights an 'inside story.'

My name is

>>eporter: No, marshall doesn't hate anybody.

You don't want to [ bleep ] with me

>> he does not hate gays.

There's a reason that a man and another man can't elope

>> he's not an evil person.

>> That's how I express myself.

>> He's a loving person. I'm his mother.Eporter: Slim shady's mother finally speaks!

My name is marshal mathers, better none as eminem, has been a lightning rod of controversy. His mother, debbie, defends her son against charges that his hard-hitting rap lyrics are hateful, violent and homophobic.

That's the message that we deliver to little kids

>> they need to sit down and talk to marshall as a person, and see that he's got a personality, he's a people lover. He loves kids.

Shut up [ bleep ] you're causing chaos

>> reporter: But his words can cut like a knife. Even his own mother has been on the receiving end of his rap.

How you gonna breast feed me mom, you ain't got no [ bleep ]

>> marshall's got a tongue sharper than a razor. Everybody knows, with his lyrics, he can cut anybody down in a second, and that's his weapons.

>> Reporter: Weapons, at times, aimed directly at debbie. He raps about hating, raping, and even killing his mother.

You ain't nothin' but a sl**
to me -- i'm gonna kill you

>> he's done a song, 'kill you.' At the end he says, 'just joking ladies,' which demeans me very badly.

I told her i'd grow up to be a famous rapper do a record about [ bleep ] and name it after her

>> he knows if it gets under your skin. He's going to keep doing it.

>> Reporter: His rap got under her skin enough for debbie to file a $10 million defamation suit against her son last august.T the ones you love the most.

>> This is debbie's baby son eating breadsticks.

>> Reporter: As videos demonstrate, she and 28-year-old marshall had a very close relationship most of his life. But he did grow up poor and fatherless.

>> Marshall didn't really know his father. We divorced. I left his father before marshall was 2. This was a way to get even with mom. It hurts. It still does in a way. But ooze mu son. You love hum. You understand. Ooze doing this for a living. The lawsuit didn't stop him. When he got hit it got worse.

>> Reporter: Debbie, who lives with her other son, nathan, says she's trying to forge a new relationship with eminem and settle the lawsuit.

>> He knows I love him. He knows he's my son. There's no amount of money in this world that can take and undue what's happened.

>> Reporter: Just last december, the healing began, with a hug.

>> I have not been able to give him a hug for a long time, which made me feel really good. It's time for him to come to a stop and say, hey, 'life's too short.' He's getting older, I'm getting older, we're not promised tomorrow.

And now it's my fault my fault

>>> debbie has a cd called 'set the record straight' available on her website http://www.Marshall'smom.Com. It includes the tell tail line 'marshall, we have a problem.' Debbie hasn't dropped the suit but is working on a settlement.

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