a dynamic year for music

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a dynamic year for music

Postby admin » Thu Feb 22, 2001 4:08 am

this is certainly been a dynamic year for music. All you have to do is look at the diversity represented on the stage here tonight to witness the walls of division crumble under the weight of a connected world. Of late the controversy over extreme lyrics has bain heat seeking missile and important to remember the academy isn't here to commercial lies or sensor art. Here here to recognize those recordings that are notable noticeable and oftentimes controversial. People are mad. And people are talking and that's a good thing. Because it's through dialogue and debate that social discovery and progress can occur. Listen music has been the voice of rebellion. It's the mirror of our culture sometimes reflecting a dark and disturbing underbelly obscured from the view of most people of privilege. Wrap, and hip-hop music. We can't edit out the art that makes us uncomfortable. That's what our parents tried to do to elvis, the stones and beatles. The white teenagers from the suburbs buy a majority of music in question. They live out their rebellion and delynniate they're rite of passage through this music and most of the adults who pass judgment haven't listened to or even engaged their kids about the object of their contempt. This isn't to say there is not a lot to fear in this violence drenched society of ours. We should be concerned about the younger kids. The latch key kids who aren't experienced and don't have a relevant praent yalal connection to help them understand what's real and what is shock theater. And accept the fact that musicians movie stars and athletes aren't perfect. They make mistakes and can't always be counted on to be role models. Art incites and angers it. Takes all its various incarnations to maintain the balance, vitality and autticity of the arts strike process. Let's not forget sometimes it's take tolerance. With a kind and inspired assistance of rock's most beloved artists, elton john john, here is eminem.

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