Eminem on Before They Were Rock Stars .. .

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Eminem on Before They Were Rock Stars .. .

Postby micki » Fri Mar 16, 2001 1:33 pm

they showed a short clip of eminem on Before They Were Rock Stars .. .
it was the first time i seen it .. so i don't know if this is new .. or if it was just being replayed. .
they had the usual baby pictures and his teenager pictures that we see ... and they had a clip of him when he first got into rhymin... him and a couple of 'vanilla ice-type' lookin friends got paid to work a party in someone's basement ...
the party didnt really look like it was goin on ...
but em and his crew were all into doin their thing anyways ...
i was laughin though cuz one of his friends .. i think maybe he was dj or somethin .. he was white .. and he had a huge afro .. kinda like kid from kid n play ..

and i think i seen kim leanin against a wall in the video .. but im not sure it was her ..


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