Eminem's publicity stunts

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Eminem's publicity stunts

Postby Hailie Jade » Wed Mar 21, 2001 8:58 pm

Hi, I just registered here but I've been reading your posts regarding Eminem's publicity stunts and I definately think there is some truth to what you are saying. I noticed a few other details that you never mentioned though and I just thought I'd ask you if you were aware of them and if they are signifigant:

First of all, if you read any original press documents that were printed after the gun incident, they state that the fight at the Hot Rocks Cafe started because Eminem's appearance at the club caused a huge stir among the crowd and some fans were bugging him for an autograph. The reports say the gun fell from his jacket and his friend picked it up.

However, in follow-up reports, it's said that Eminem went there to spy on his wife and when he found her with another man, he pulled out his gun and hit the guy with it. His friend allegedly grabbed his hand and the gun fell to the ground. I think that the two different stories are definately suspicious and I believe that Interscope wanted to further eliminate any doubt that Eminem and Kim had a turbulant relationship and that's why they brought Kim into the whole gun situation.

Something else I noticed was that the recent divorce settlement states that Eminem was given his and Kim's $450, 000 home. There's definately something wrong there because the $450, 000 house that Kim and Eminem used to live in was up for sale during the summer and they moved into a Sterling Heights home which cost about 1 million bucks.

Just thought I'd point these things out....

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Postby CJ » Wed Mar 21, 2001 9:53 pm


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