Eminem fears his own fans

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Eminem fears his own fans

Postby sassybaby » Sun Apr 01, 2001 6:00 pm

Eminem fears his own fans
Rapper says his audiences worry him
Eminem has said that his greatest fear is being killed on stage by a crazed fan. The musician worries that his controversial image may lead to someone trying to achieve fame by killing him during a gig. This came among stories that a website has been set up for gay men who can’t decide if they want to sleep with or kill the American rapper. ‘I do worry about that - I worry that sometimes the things I do are bad for me,’ he commented. Eminem recently released Stan, a track about a crazed fan, after he started receiving sackloads of strange fan mail. He added: ‘Making these records, I think what if I'm pushing the limit on something?' Commenting on accusations that he is homophobic, the bleached rapper insisted: 'It's hilarious people think I'm homophobic. Elton gets where I'm coming from. I'm what America made me.'

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