No jail time for Slim Shady

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No jail time for Slim Shady

Postby bubbly2025 » Sat Apr 14, 2001 9:45 am

No jail time for Slim Shady
Eminem should be sleeping better now—and in his own bed! A judge has given the 28-year-old rapper two years probation for carrying a concealed weapon last year. Eminem escaped a jail sentence, but he will have to avoid excessive alcohol or drug use for the next two years, undergo counseling, avoid 'assaultive behavior,' and cannot own or possess firearms or other weapons. Macomb County Circuit Judge Antonio P. Viviano also laid down the law, informing Eminem that he needs to receive permission from the court to leave the United States during those two years. 'I’m glad the judge and the courts treated me fair and as a human being,' a grateful Eminem told reporters. 'I just want to get it behind me and get back to spending time with my little girl and making music.' If Eminem breaks any of the terms in his probation or has any other 'run-ins' with the law, he will be sentenced to the full five years a concealed-weapons charge carries in Michigan.

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