did ne of u see the sally show

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Postby ILCAAB » Mon Apr 16, 2001 2:38 pm

i saw it they had 2 rappers 1 who didnt agree..1 who said freedom of speech...they had a mom who 11 year son likes eminem...they had some guy from the voice village or something....and that chic from glaad..debbie and eminem little brother..they basicly said that eminem doesnt hate gay people..but they use words like retarted and f** just to say it as u would say dumb stupid or idiot..debbie said her best friends are gay and that eminem never had a problem with them...it was ok..
1 chic said debbie was suing eminem 4 money...debbie saie they were trying 2 work things out and that she hoes 1 day her son will have a good relationship again...

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