A gay porn magazine featuring Eminem lookalike

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A gay porn magazine featuring Eminem lookalike

Postby NoFearGirl » Sat Apr 28, 2001 4:18 am

A gay porn magazine has published a series of photographs of an Eminem lookalike. Euroboy has printed pictures of Matthew, who bears a striking similarity to the rapper, in a number of raunchy poses. Matthew has Eminem's trademark bleached cropped hair and wears the star's stage outfit of ice hockey player's mask and dungarees. A chainsaw is also used in the photographs although, according to the model, 'that obviously wasn't plugged in'. Euroboy hoped to make the most of Eminem's popularity amongst gays. The rapper's looks have won him gay admirers, despite his allegedly homophobic lyrics. Matthew said: 'Even my mum thinks I look like Eminem - I love his music, his lyrics, in fact I love everything about him and I really felt like I was Eminem. I had the outfit, the attitude, the clothes, and even the chainsaw. According to insiders, the real Eminem is said to be unhappy about the photographs.


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