Marshall B. Mathers II wants to meet son Eminem

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Marshall B. Mathers II wants to meet son Eminem

Postby NoFearGirl » Sat May 05, 2001 4:29 am

Marshall B. Mathers II has a special gift he wants his son to have. Marshall hasent seen his son eminem since he was 11 months old. Debbie, Eminem's mother claimed Marshall II physically abused her, he denys those statments. She divorced him and recived full custody of baby eminem and also no visitation rights were given to Marshall, 'It was like they had just dropped off the face of the earth, It was probably the worst emotional low that I'd hit.'

With those arrangments Eminem's father wouldent be able to have contact with his son until his 18th birthday, but by then eminem would have a horrable grudge against his father for not being there for him that he would refuse to speek to him when contact was finally made. It's been 28 years since he has seen his son, It would almost seem as if he diddn't care about eminem. 'It's a real shame that we we've been kept apart for so many years' Marshall says, 'I've oftened wondered if he was alive, how he was doing, or where he was at.'

Well the special gift Marshall wants to give his son is eminem's baby book. Eminem's father found it while cleaning out eminem's grandmother's house. 'Theres pictures in there I'm sure he'd love to see, a lock of his hair.'

'He wasn't fussy, he wasent hard to please.' The book dose mention baby marshall, Loves to dance, loves music. Shocking to hear that this baby would be breakdancing and freestyling at clubs. What did Marshall think about His son's carer?, How did he find out?

'My life is about as ordinary as it gets, My older son was over for a BBQ one afternoon and he said, 'Hay Dad, What's my half-brother's name?' I said, Marshall just like mine. He said, 'ya might want to sit down for a minute, i got something to tell ya.' 'I was overwelmed you know, its like 'WOW' cause i had lost contact with him so many years before, I oftened wondered if he was alive, how he was doing, or where he was at.'

'When the time is right, I think it will happen'

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