Will eminem escape the scene?

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Postby Sleepie » Tue May 07, 2002 5:58 pm

Many have said that eminem might be the first MAJOR artist to escape the popular trend of ripping and releasing cd's in mp3 format. Because most major releases are put out into the world in mp3 format days, if not weeks before retail date, one would wonder whether eminem has beat the system. His album has been talked about for months, and many think the tracks will not be leaked. I on the other hand, think they will be put out maybe 2 - 3 weeks before retail. I think artists should be smart, and have a pay-per-preview of their album hosted on their site. That would not only give people on the internet what they want (to be able to listen to tracks before retail), but it will bring in revenue that would not usually be coming in. Anyways, ill be back when its released in mp3 format so I can holla at you peeps about the goods and bads about the release. I can say Without Me is pretty good, hopefully it does get harder tho. I wanna see a raw track.... We'll see


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Postby Jenn » Thu May 09, 2002 10:22 am

Ya I don't wanna hear any before the CD comes out anyway...even if they were available I wouldn't download em...but I really can't wait to hear them!

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