Carson Daly Defends Enrique

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Postby suzieQ » Thu Dec 19, 2002 12:36 am

Carson Daly was mentioning on TRL Monday, Enrique's new Spanish single Quizas which is about his father and trying to reconcile with his father. They played about 30 seconds of the video clip and while Carson was explaining that Enrique wrote it about his father, Carson's guest tattoo boy Satan made a comment that Enrique is a whiner and said "auhhh, the poor guy must feel bad with all that money" (he's obviously jealous). Anyways, Carson defended Enrique by saying he thought it was touching for Enrique to want to have a relationship with his dad before it was too late. Carson went on to say that the video looks like it was well done and unlike Enrique's usual videos where he's always kissing pretty girls. He said the video looked like it had a touching theme and had substance. I think maybe because Carson can kind of relate because his father passed away and since Enrique's song is about fathers in general he didn't think it was nice of tattoo boy to diss Enrique. I thought that was sweet of Carson.

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Postby latinmusiclover » Thu Dec 19, 2002 8:13 am

I saw that TRL show too and I thought tattoo boy's comments were rude and uncalled for. Like you said, he is obviously jealous of Enrique. It's nice to see that Carson stuck up for him.

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