Brittney Has A Crush On Enrique

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Postby suzieQ » Thu Dec 19, 2002 1:10 am

Spotlight magazine reported that ever since Brittney Spears met up with Enrique in the UK when they were both there at the same time promoting their singles, she has a little crush on him. Gushes Brittney, "He's so goodlooking. I'm so glad I got to talk to him." An insider revealed that Brittney acted like a school girl around Enrique when they met up in the UK and she even told him she loved his song Hero. They talked for a while before Enrique had to leave to get ready to perform. It looked like Brittney wasn't the only one starstruck because Enrique left with an extra spring in his steps and later commented "It was great getting a chance to meet up with Brittney. Brittney was nice and she is a great singer and performer. She's really cute!" Since Brittney is no longer with Justin, could she be setting her sights on Enrique? She'll have to get by Anna Kornikova first.

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Postby latinmusiclover » Thu Dec 19, 2002 8:37 am

Yeah, I read about this too but I read it in a magazine called "Baskstage @ Top of the Pops". It basically says the same thing. I think the paparazzi are making too much out of the situation. I'm sure there was a mutual attraction to each other because it's obvious they are both nice to look at but I doubt either one of them is crushing on the other. And besides this incident happend months ago and the magazine article is months old also. Anyways, this is what the article in the magazine said:


There were electric love sparks flying around the Star Bar last month when two of pop's sexiest superstars turned up at the show. "He's so goodlooking. I'd love to meet him!" gushed a certain MS. SPEARS when she heard that Latin love god ENRIQUE IGLESIAS was in town!

As Britney swished her way up the famous corridors in search of her dressing room, thousands of fans were tripping over their feet trying to grab a glance. But, in true J.LO style, her pamper style parlour was strictly out of bounds to everyone else at TV Center that night---well, almost everyone!

"I've met her before at an awards show. It was real brief, but she's really nice and she's sooo cute!" grinned Enrique as your trusty TOTP team led him in the direction of Britney's boudoir for a secret rendezvous! "I just love your new song!" trilled Brit when she clapped eyes on the surprise present we delivered to her!

After posing for a few pics and swapping priceless pieces of pop gossip, Enrique swaggered on to the stage---with an extra spring in his step! Quizzing the chirpy charmer about his luck with the ladies, he shrugged and replied sheepishly, "It must be the music because I certainly didn't appeal to women when I was at school!" Pah---coming from the man who's already had Jennifer Love Hewitt and Anna Kournikova in his vids, we find that a little hard to believe! Could Britney be his next leading lady? Watch this space!

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Postby debbie24 » Thu Dec 19, 2002 2:28 pm

Actually I don't think it would be such a bad thing if they got together. They would make a cute couple and would certainly get people talking.

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Postby hippiechic » Sat Dec 21, 2002 1:26 pm

Yeah, I think they'd make a great couple. Britney isn't seeing anyone now since see & Justin broke up and I don't think Anna Kornikova is good for Enrique so I don't think they will last. Enrique and Britney would be more of a match since they have more in common.

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Postby goldstar99. » Sat Dec 21, 2002 1:41 pm

I think Birtney is too babyish for Enrique.

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Postby justins bubbles » Thu Dec 26, 2002 1:22 am

<span style='color:blue'>Um, didn't they meet like 3 years ago at the Rockafeller Christmas tree lighting??? :huh: </span>

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Postby chantoir » Sat Dec 28, 2002 11:50 pm

i prefer anna kournikova... :D

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