Latin Artists Overlooked At Grammys

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Enrique and Other Latin Artists Forgotten at the Grammies?

....>>>January 9, 2003; (This Spanish article has been translated to English. We apologise for it's poor translation) The nominations to the announced Grammy Prizes in New York left many unhappy Latin artists by their inclusion, Absent nominations of successful singers like Luis Miguel, Shakira or Enrique Iglesias, according to local analysts have been obviosly ignored. They indicated that in the estadunidense musical industry that every "latiniza" time with the call "to crossover itself more" of Latin figures, in the nominations of this year were remarkable absences. Vice-president of Artists and Repertorio of the Universal seal Music, Eddie Fernandez, made reference to the absence of some notables like the Shakira Colombian who the last year conquered the market with her "Laundry Service". "In the list there are figures, but they had to be Enrique Iglesias, Shakira or Luis Miguel", affirmed the executive of the industry. But others like Celia Cross, Marck Anthony and Juans reported happy with the nominations for the programmed delivery the 23 of next February in the Madison Square Garden of New York. Anthony, that was name in "Better sauce album" by "Free", said in an official notice that "this (the nomination) has a special meaning for me because the receipt by the disc ` Libre', that is the one that more pride has provided to me". The singer will compete in the category next to "a new dawn", of Anthony Cross; "the black has tumbao", of Celia Cross; "Tremendous rumba", of Maraca; and "a great day in the district", of the Spanish Harlem Orchestra. Other that pronounced féliz was the young Colombian of the moment: Juans, whom from his Medellín birthday it affirmed that the nomination is "very important" and that with the recognition, although does not win, "is enough to him to be contented". Juans whom a normal day competes with its disc "", will dispute to the coveted prize in the disc category better of" Rock and alternative Music "in Spanish, to the Mexican group Manna name by" Revolution of Love ". Also they are name in that Kinky category with his disc homónimo, the Orishas group by "Emigrant", and the group Argentine Union of the Hip Hop by "a passage to the eternity". Other famous ones name to the Grammy 2003 - that is centered in English-speaking artists unlike the Grammys Latin are Donato Poveda, Diego Towers, the Orchestra Aragón, the pair Without Flag. In addition to Brown Jorge, Bacilli, Group Odd habit, Fernando Villalona, Jennifer Rock, Jorge Moreno and Juan Pablo Towers. The Grammy prizes are granted every year by the National Academy of the Arts and Recorded Sciences and are considered the main recognitions to music in the world.

source: El Emparcial

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