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Postby hippiechic » Fri Mar 21, 2003 12:30 pm

On the site, you can view two versions of Enrique's Para Que La Vida video & vote for which ending you like better & once the votes are tallied that version will be the one that gets aired. Supoosedly it's going to begin airing in April.

To view & vote for which video ending you like better, here is the link...

Oh, by the way, the site is entirly in Spanish soo if you don't know Spanish, you aren't going to be able to view it because you must register first also & that's all in Spanish.

Anyways, I saw the video & I think it's nice. It's simple, yet sweet & of course Enrique looks handsome & the song is one of my favorites. Can't wait till it airs on tv.

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Postby suzieQ » Thu Apr 24, 2003 9:21 am

Just saw the entire video on Univision network the other day. I couldn't believe they finaly showed the whole thing. Usually they interupt the last 30 seconds of the video by talking thru it and then they cut it off. That's so annoying. Anyways, this is such a nice video. Like you said, hippiechic, it's simplistic but yet it's so emotional and romantic. It helps that this song is one of my favorites also. Enrique sings it with so much passion, like he really feels the words and emotions in the song. Well, I guess since he's the one who wrote it and it comes from his heartfelt feelings, I can see why he sings it with so much passion. This is a great song and video! ;)

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