Enrique & Anna Still An Item?!?

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Postby hippiechic » Fri Mar 21, 2003 12:42 pm

Well, since Enrique's & Anna's supposed breakup, they have still been seen together on at least two seperate events. Here is proof....

From: Notes From The Road Section at Bon Jovi Site

Sunday, March 16, 2003
submitted by BON JOVI INFO HQ
BON JOVI hit the SUNSHINE STATE in a huge way. On Friday night (March 14th,) BON JOVI played at the Office Depot Center in Sunrise, Florida (outside Fort Lauderdale, and home of the NHL's Florida Panthers hockey team.) Quite the turnout of names and faces were at the show: Enrique Iglesia, Anna Kournikova, Steven Van Zandt, Desmond Child...


From: The Ultimate Enrique Forum news section fultimateenriqueenriquenews.showMessagetopicID=1863

Enrique at Nasdaq-100 Open
Ok, this information and the photos are from Mark36 on the http://www.wtaworld.com message board. I'm posting it here to save you the time of looking it up yourselves. I hope Mark doesn't mind. This is obvious proof that Enrique was there since Mark took his picture three times.

Here's the url to the picture...

Mark36 wrote:
What the hell is wrong with Anna Kournikova? She is built like a perfect athlete. She moves like a gazelle. Yet she plays like a nervous nelly. There was a point in the first set when she double faulted 3 times in a row. The first double fault was so painful. She actually sliced the 58 mile an hour serve so severely it hit her side of the court first and then hit the net. Oy! Now I know Anna isn't known for putting too much time in on the court, but I gotta think a lot of her problems are psychological/nerves.

Safina played well in the first set. Anna finally picked it up in the second and was ahead 3-0 when Dinara cut down her errors. The whole crowd was with Anna all the way. Towards the end of the match word got out that Enrique (or little Ricky, as I call him) was in the house. Turns out he was in the box next to mine. As soon as the match was over little Ricky bolted for the exit and I ran for a photo op. I caught up to Ricky at the bottom of the stairs and took the following photos. Are Ricky and Anna still an item.

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Postby renee » Tue Mar 25, 2003 10:54 am

i didn't even know they had broken up....thanks for the article....

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