Enrique Is In Parade Magazine!

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Postby suzieQ » Sun Aug 24, 2003 8:24 am

Enrique is featured on the cover of Parade magazine in this Sunday's paper. There are great photos of him and a super article on him.

If you don't get the magazine in your paper, here is the Parade website that has the photos and a movie trailer for Once Upon A Time In Mexico, his movie role debut.


Here's the article from PARADE, Sunday, August 24, 2003:

Months after Enrique Iglesias landed his first record deal, his dad--a Latin superstar--asked, "Why didn't you tell me?"

His Big Risk Paid Off

By Dotson Rader

"FROM THE TIME I WAS A LITTLE kid," said Enrique Iglesias, 28, "my dream was to be a successful artist, singing in front of thousands of people. I wanted it
more than anything in the world. I wasn't confident I could succeed. There was a risk, but I felt I had nothing to lose."

In 1995, he became an international star when his debut album, Enrique Iglesias, sold more than 6 million copies. It was a success he earned despite a childhood marked by terrorist violence, separation and loneliness. Moreover, it was achieved without the help of his father, the singer Julio Iglesias, now 59. In fact, Enrique never told his father about his dream or his success.

"I kept it a secret," he said. "I felt if I told my father, I'd be stopped. I had to prove that even if my father hadn't been a successful musician, I would have been one on my own."

In eight years, Enrique Iglesias has had 18 Billboard No. 1 singles, released six hit albums, sold more than 37 million CDs and performed to huge crowds worldwide. His first movie, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, with Johnny Depp and Antonio Banderas, opens next month.

I met with Enrique in Miami, where he lives alone with his two dogs in a four bedroom house on Biscayne Bay. Although he was born in Spain, his home has been America since he was sent here for safety as a boy after his paternal grandfather, a physician, was kidnapped in Madrid by Basque terrorists and held for
ransom. I wanted to know how he overcame a difficult childhood and found success. I began by asking about the terrorist act that changed his life.

"I was 6 when my grandfather was kidnapped," he replied. "I went from living a pretty normal life to being surrounded by cops and bodyguards. It was
completely unreal to me."

The terrorists demanded $2 million from Enrique's father, at the time one of the world's most successful entertainers. In January 1982, after 19 days of captivity, the senior Iglesias was rescued by the Spanish police.

"My grandfather was freed without the ransom being paid," Enrique recalled. "Then my mother got threatening letters. She was very afraid and started
panicking. She said, 'Go live with your father in Miami for a year until this clears up. It's safer there'."

His mother, Isabel Preysler, a former model and socialite, had divorced his father three years earlier, when Enrique was 4. He has an older brother,
Julio José, now 30, an actor/singer, and a sister, Chabeli, 31, who works for Spanish-language TV.

"The first shock in coming here," he said, "was leaving my mom behind. It was tragic for me. She had remarried. She had her life in Madrid. It was only supposed to be for one year. I felt used."

In Miami, Enrique was raised primarily by a nanny, Elvira Olivares, educated in private schools and cared for by household staff. His father--a suave
crooner with a reputation as a womanizer--was usually away, traveling and working. "My father had the choice of being a singer or a family man," Enrique stated. "
He chose to be a singer."

Enrique was a poor student, a shy daydreamer who loved solitary sports like windsurfing. Although he dated in high school, he said he never was sexually
intimate. "I wasn't a player," he admitted. "I'd get embarrassed if I were rejected by a girl, because I knew I'd have to see her every single day in school, and I could not bear it. I wasn't popular. Even the girl I was supposed to take to the prom called a few days before and said no. I wasn't a cool kid."

He paused and added, "The cool kids are parking cars today."

He grew up listening to U2, Bruce Springsteen and Dire Straights rather than his father's music. "It was a generational thing," he said. "I admired him
more than his music." When he was 13, Enrique started to write music and sing. "I was a bit of a loner, and loneliness inspired me to write songs," he explained. "It was also sadness than provoked me to write."

Enrique was 15 before he wrote something he felt might be good enough to record. That song, "Por Amarte" ("To Love You"), would become a hit single.

In 1993, to please his father, Enrique enrolled at the University of Miami to study business. "My dad said, 'You have to go to college, or you go to China!'" Enrique recalled. "I said, 'What the hell am I going to do in China?' He said, 'Learn to speak Chinese!' I don't know why China got stuck in his head. I should have gone into music then. But I lived in his house, and I had to go by his rules."

A year later, he dropped out of college, made a demo tape of his music and--using a fake name, Enrique Martinez--shopped it to record companies without his parents' knowledge. Fonovisa, a Mexican label, unaware of his real identity but impressed, offered him a $1 million, three-album deal in 1995.

"I signed the record contract--signed my life away--and didn't tell my parents," he said. "Months went by, and finally my dad found out from somebody
else. We had a fight. I left home. We did not speak again for a very long time. He still has not come to one of my concerts.

"Funny thing is," Enrique continued, "I did trust my father. I just didn't trust him when it came to my career. I felt, if I told him, my dream would fade. I still believe that today. In retrospect, it was the perfect time for me to leave. The separation from my father helped me to grow up, to come up with my own style of music and to be independent."

In 1999, Enrique signed a six-album deal with Universal/Interscope records for a reported $44 million. Today, he is finishing work on his third English-language album, which is scheduled to come out this fall. His stage persona is that of a lost boy, albeit one who is 6 feet 1, handsome and sexy, with a willowy grace and a breathy voice. "I always felt there was a showman in me," he said. "When I go onstage, something lights up. It's spontaneous, and it's natural.

"As a kid, I remember going to a Bruce Springsteen concert and getting chills and goose bumps," he continued. "I could only imagine then what he was

feeling. It's the sense of power. When it clicks, it's the best feeling in the world--at times, probably better than sex."

Enrique has been romantically tied to a number of beautiful women, recently to tennis star Anna Kournikova. Asked about her, he smiled. "I hate saying
this, but I haven't found a girlfriend I want to be with more than a week at a time," he confessed. "I haven't had a steady girlfriend for the last five years."

Does he ever want to get married? "I don't believe in marriage as much as I believe in commitment," said Enrique. "I know more people who are deeply in love and not married than people who are married. What I'm afraid of is starting a family at the wrong time and not being able to commit to it. When I have kids, I want to be a great father.

"Right now, I'm very happy," he added. "I don't feel like I have to prove anything anymore. Being a musician is who I am and what I love doing. I am what I always dreamed of being."

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Postby latinmusiclover » Sun Aug 24, 2003 10:00 am

I know, I got the Parade magazine in my paper today. I already knew Enrique was going to be featured in it so I was anticipating getting it all week and I'm glad it's finally here. What a great article and photos. I love Enrique even more after reading this article. And I love the fact that he's the spokesperson for 'Kidscare' a charity for children with aids. Enrique is so wonderful in every way! Thank God for this man's existence! :wub:

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