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Postby latinmusiclover » Mon Oct 20, 2003 8:50 am

source: hitmakers.com/bftop40.asphttp://www.hitmakers.com/bftop40.asp

Enrique Iglesias' Addicted most added song...

Latin heartthrob Enrique Iglesias hit high ground running this week scoring #1 Most Added honors for this International Superstar! Take a look at the monster out-of-the-box action: KIIS-FM, KHKS, KRBE, Q100, STAR94, Y100, KHTS, WBLI, KSLZ, WFLZ, WAKS, KCHZ, KMXV, KZHT, PRO-FM, WNOU, KHFI, WQZQ, WLDI, WKSS, WFKS, WKSE, WBBO, KJ103, WKGS, WPXY, WQEN, WSPK, KHTT, KKRD, KQKQ, KRQ, KRUF, KZMG, WABB, WAEZ, WBAM, WDBR, WDBT, WFMF, WHKF, WIXX, WJJS, WKRZ, WLAN, WLVY, WNHT, WNTQ, WPRR, WPST, WRHT, WRTS, WSSX, WVSR, WWXM, WWYL, WYCR, WYOY, XHTO & more! Look for Enrique to be seen doing appearances on the T.V. blitz beginning on 11/15 and look for the album in-stores on 11/25! This will be another female winner & expect Rotations to explode in the weeks to come.

Way to go, Enrique! Looks like you might have another hit!

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