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Postby latinheat85 » Fri Nov 28, 2003 11:10 am

I dont know really what to say, whoever that person is, bethom or somthing? I was really really really shocked and hurt to what he or she said about me, i couldnt sleep, and i couldnt even concentrate in my class, i know they are only words, but they really affected me. Because they are simply untrue. I hardly ever post on the offical , and recently ive done allot for that board, i shared my unrealised 7 album with the members for lisitning, i posted some really nice pics of enrique. I dont expect you to understand, but im only 18, i dont know who i am, im unsure of my self and how to be, and enrique to me, really appeals , of his music and style, theirs no other male pop star i like that i can relate to. Not because i may look remotaly like him, but because even if i was a female, i would still like him.I do wanna be like enrique, i do like trying to take photos so i can make similar photos like enrique, i think thats cool and fun, wouldnt u find it fun? Im not in love with my self trust me, as if i would, i would have the biggest ego when i am in sixth fourm or outsde, but im not unforauntly, im shy and awakard, as i feel very cirtical of my self to how people think of me. I dont think their is another male on this earth that is a biggest fan of enrique as i am, the way he sings, everything, i find soo cool and amazing, i guess maybe because i am spanish too i find it more to relate to and similar culture and way of thinking. My main reason for posting the pics was i first am very stupid, so i didnt really expect a hostile situation, and second i think because its only the internet, nothing serious can happen, but i really got hurt from that person whoever they are.

Finally, im sorry for going on, most u wont have a clue what i was going on about, sorry. Anyway, that idoit really got under my skin, so i feel i have to prove my self to him or her, and by the way he or she is more then welcomes to come to my house, ill give him or she the address and met me to see what i am reall like, ill even get my mama to cook a nice meal, haha.

First of all, i am not flipping short, i got really upset when he said i was much shorter then enrique, and need a nose job?? i should also state that i am only 18, i didnt really start becoming mainly or growing since i was around 17, every few months when my brother sees me he says i look taller, and he is 6,3, so, i dont know.

So i give your minds to make up the decision, a, if i am short, and b, if i have a massive unpropertioned nose?!

streamload.com/latinheat85/Special_photos/000_0313.JPGMy height

streamload.com/latinheat85/Special_photos/000_1387.jpgmy massive nose?


streamload.com/latinheat85/Special_photos/000_1358.jpgbig nose???

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