The Reason Behind New Album Titled '7'

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source: Star-Sun, Manila, Philippines

Thursday, November 27, 2003
Enrique Iglesias is 'Addicted' to success

ENRIQUE Iglesias realizes it's easy for his English-speaking fans to forget about his Spanish albums, including last fall's Quizas. That's why the Madrid born and Miami raised singer has titled his latest studio album Seven to remind his fans just how many records he has made.

Seven is released in the country under Universal Music Philippines. The album is called such because a lot of people don't realize he has done seven CDs and it's the number that he represented in the soccer team during his younger days.

Iglesias wrote the carrier song, "Addicted" ("Adicto" in Spanish), in East Germany during his 2002 world tour. That took him throughout the US, Europe and in the Middle East, as well as, Mexico. "The weather was bad and depressing," recalls Iglesias. "I set up a little studio and started to write the song. It's dark and I've not written a song under this condition. But, I thought it was cool."

"Addicted" is now gaining a strong impact among Filipino fans via its music video being played in cable music channels. It is a provocative video that has Mischa Barton of "The O.C." television series as Iglesias' leading lady.

"It was an idea I had," he explains. "I'm in a holding cell but you don't know why I'm there. I'm taken into another room where there is a girl. I see flashbacks of the days when I was still free and with her. Then in the end you will find out that the cell represents my mind. It's about that feeling when you're in love, you go crazy when you miss her and find yourself addicted to her love."

For "Seven," Iglesias once again teamed with writers Paul Barry and Mark Taylor (who penned Hero, Bailamos, Be With You and Rhythm Divine). Mark Taylor produced majority of the tracks, including, Addicted, the powerhouse Not In Love (with Fernando Garibey), and rockers California Calling, Free, You Rock Me, Be Yourself and Wish You Were Here (With Me).

A new song partnership in the CD is that of Alex Ander (Michelle Branch) and Rob Davis (Kylie Minogue), who penned the tracks Say It, Live It Up Tonight, The Way You Touch and Break Me, Shake Me, and You Can't Make Me.

Iglesias had sold more than 13 million albums, becoming the biggest selling Spanish-language artist in the world. He has recorded six albums, two of which are in English and four in Spanish. He scored separately a US multi platinum for his English language album Escape in 2001 and for his Spanish language album Quizas in 2002.

(November 27, 2003 issue)

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That's interesting. Thanks for posting the article.

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