E Attacked By Fan In London!

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Postby latinmusiclover » Sun Dec 07, 2003 10:12 am

Wow! Our poor Enrique!

The Daily ExPress
Nov. 6th, 2003

Crazed Fan Leaves Latin Hearthrob Enrique Iglesias Lost

Enrique Iglesias performed in the Capital Radio Christmas Live gig at Earls Court this past Thursday night to a very excitable crowd. Other performers included Sting, Craig David and the all-female British group The Sugababes. All gave well-received performances but it was clear that the crowd favorite was Iglesias. Looking tall, dark and handsome & giving flirtacious glances to the dominating female audience, Iglesias swayed and swooned. He was enjoying himself by running across the stage as much as the females enjoyed eyeing his physical attributes and soaking in his breathy vocals. Iglesias might have gotten more than he bargained for however, when he ran passed an over-eager fan who chased after him and clung onto him in death grip while he was midway through a song. The obviously startled Iglesias tried to get the woman to calm down and release her grip but she wouldn't let go. It took two bodyguards to try and pry the woman off of Iglesias. The woman then proceeded to fight with them and a couple of times she was able to break loose and grab onto Enrique once again. The shocked crowd was suddenly quiet as they witnessed the spectacle. All Enrique could do was laugh at the situation, while the two bodyguards continued to try to pry the girl off. The Latin hearthrob was clearly embarrest by the ordeal. After what seemed like over a minute went by, the guards were finally able to pry the woman off Iglesias, but not before she pulled off his mic amp pack from his pants and yanked his microphone earplugs out of his ears. Everyone was still quiet and jaws were dropped at the sight of the whole spectacle. The woman was finally led away and Enrique then continued his performance. However, the whole incident led to technical problems for Iglesias throughout the rest of his performance set. At times you couldn't hear him loud enough and he seemed to be struggling to get the right pitch. At one point, he stopped a song in mid-performance and started over because he didn't feel he could be heard since he was having microphone problems. Throughout all the problems and distractions, Iglesias still managed to perform well and had the crowd screaming. He finished his set with screams and cheers that were almost deafening.

I caught up with Enrique backstage for a short interview and it looked like he was visibly upset by the whole ordeal. "I feel like I gave a lousy perfromance tonight. It sounded like sh_t," he replied as I asked how he felt afterwards. When asked if he was scared after he was attacked by an over-eager fan, he replied "She latched on so tight she pulled out all my microphone wires. I had no sound. And I felt like she was sqeezing the life out of me." He laughed it off but then said that he felt bad that the fan was manhandled by the guards and wished that it could have been handled differently. He wanted to be able to calm her down himself, but found out that it wasn't possible. "It was crazy. I felt bad for the woman. I felt bad for my band who stopped playing and must have thought "What the h e l l?" I felt bad for the audience. We had to stop performing and everyone stopped yelling and here I was standing there like an idiot not knowing what to do. Then when she finally was pryed off of me she pulled on my microphone amp pack and it yanked out my earphones and then everything went dead. It wouldn't work after that. She must have busted one of the wires inside. The whole thing was completely crazy. My performance sucked after that. I wouldn't be surprised if everyone wanted to throw my cds away after hearing that sh_tty performance." As I stood there listening to Iglesias talk, I saw a side of him that I found appealing. He's not a conceited star at all. Instead, he's very unsure of himself and is very self-critical. All the gossip you read about him saying how he acts like a divo because he makes demands all the time seem to be less believable now. I find myself actually feeling sorry for the guy. I tell him that despite his technical problems, he still managed to be the biggest crowd pleaser. In response to that, Iglesias manages a slight smile and says "Yeah, the fans are great. They are very forgiving. But if I did a perfromance like that in front of a record producer, he would have thrown my a$$
out of the building." By now I feel even more sorry for the guy, so sorry that in fact, I ask if he needs anything. He replies in usual Enrique Iglesias humorous fashion, "It's nothing that a few beers & a positive review in the newspaper can't cure." He then thanked me for my concern and after I said I would most likely write a postive review on his perfromance, he thanked me again preceeded with a shy grin. He mentioned how we'll have to get together sometime for a bite to eat and a couple of beers the next time he's in the country. I agree even though I know not to hold him to that offer. I then conclude my interview because it's obvious the young man needs a shower and some rest so we say our goodbyes. Afterwards, I feel hyper because I just interviewed thee Enrique Iglesias. I don't know why I feel this way. Don't get me wrong, I am totally heterosexual. But even I, as a man, can see the charm and appeal he has. If he can do this to me(a man), I can just imagine how he makes women feel. In conclusion, Enrique has no reason to be unsure of himself on how hugely popular he is. The guy has got it going on. He has an appeal that makes women(and men, as I well know) do things they wouldn't normally do. The sitiuation Thursday night should have been enough to convince him of that. Now it's just a matter of getting used to the chance that there will be many other incidents like that. Oh, the price of fame!

Here's another short mention about the incident from the Mirror...


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Postby suzieQ » Sun Dec 07, 2003 12:24 pm

OMG! That's terrible. Enrique must have been terrified even if he didn't show it. Why didn't the bodyguards protect him better? Maybe now they will be more alert so this won't happen again. You know what I love about Enrique though? He was more concerned for the crazed fan's safety than his own and he was also concerned for the whole audience. That goes to prove how much his fans mean to him and that he isn't the conceited jerk everyone makes him out to be.

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Postby enriquesgirl » Sun Dec 07, 2003 4:12 pm

You know Enrique really had to be down even before this show i know he had to bre disappointed in where 7 came out on th Billboard list and still go on stage and nearly get mauled to death by a crazed and fan and take the blame on himselft? He is a totalty remarkable human being and if you could still hate him after this all I can say is you have no soul. Enrique is a ture gift from God andI am thankful everyday he is in my live. His music has gotten me tough the loss of both my parents my fiansse and my unborn baby I will always look to him for strenth and now when he needs us fans most I will be there for him

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Postby hippiechic » Mon Dec 08, 2003 12:45 pm

Holy crap! That fan was crazy! Good thing Enrique didn't get hurt! I know Enrique is absolutely gorgeous and he makes women do crazy things but the fans have to control themselves before they end up really hurting him. :unsure: :(

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Postby partygal21 » Sat Jan 03, 2004 7:09 pm

OMG! I so totally would have loved to be this girl. I don't think she did anything wrong. She is a fanafterall, and she was just overcome by emotion. I would do anything to meet Enrique. He is soooooooooooo totally HOT! So we girls can't help it if we attack him! LOL He shouldn't be ao damn HOT then.

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