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Postby suzieQ » Sat Jan 17, 2004 5:37 pm


NAS Attacks

Believe it or not, even beefed-up rap dudes pay hommage to the green-eyed monster at times. Still wiping his sweaty brow from Kelis' saucy 'Milkshake' video, fiance NAS has now got to contend with her starring in Enrique's new vid.

When stud-muffin Enrique persuaded Kelis to star in the 'Not In Love' video, NAS insisted that he be allowed on-set at all times. Given the latino lover's track record, you can't really blame NAS for getting a little eggy. The Don Juan of music vids is famed for getting jiggy with Jennifer Love Hewitt, Mischa Barton and Anna Kournikova in the name of pop.

As far as Kelis is concerned though, it's all very innocent: "I have a lot of Spanish people in my family, so to do a Spanish kind of record is a lot of fun." She told the Star.

There's no telling what a fight NAS might have on his hands when news of Kelis' lip-smacking milkshakes gets out.

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