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Pop idol Iglesias idolizes the Boss
source: Mercury News

Posted on Mon, Feb. 23, 2004

Pop idol Iglesias idolizes the Boss


By Brad Kava

Mercury News

He's got one of the most famous names in pop music, but Enrique Iglesias looks at rocker Bruce Springsteen as a role model.

``I actually wrote `Hero' after listening to him,'' says Iglesias, who was in the same studio as the rocker before a Sept. 11 benefit show but was too nervous to approach him.

``For me, he's the essential songwriter and performer. It doesn't get any better than that. I went to the `Born in the U.S.A.' tour when I was 8 and I knew then that's what I wanted to be.''

Iglesias plays Tuesday at Oakland's Paramount Theatre, a more intimate venue than his previous Shoreline appearances.

Like his mentor, he works his band hard, rehearsing eight hours a day, getting songs just how he wants them.

``If people only knew how much work it is to go on the road. I don't go on the road to make money. I go for people to hear my music. I'm not at the level of Springsteen, who can go on the road without a new album and sell 70,000 seats.''

Iglesias just released his seventh album, titled, appropriately enough, ``7.''

The Paramount show is not glitzy, says the 28-year-old musician, who sings and writes in Spanish and English. It's going to be a showcase for his band and music.

It's a bold step for a performer who has taken a few of them.

A few years back, when ``Bailamos'' was a hit, someone released what was purported to be a stage tape of a terribly off-key Iglesias, reminiscent of a Linda McCartney tape years back.

In response, the singer flew to New York from a tour stop in Italy to sing live on Howard Stern's radio show.

The shock jock's show helped introduce Iglesias to an audience that might never have heard him otherwise -- and certainly proved he could sing. Stern had him do the song over and over, proving that the ``live'' tape was either a joke, or recorded when the singer was lip-syncing for a TV performance and couldn't hear himself.

As for growing up in Miami with a father who has one of the most famous names in pop crooning, well, it wasn't quite as big as one might expect.

``No one in school knew who he was,'' he says of his father, Julio Iglesias. ``Their mothers and grandmothers may have. But it's not like he was the lead singer in Poison.''

Enrique Iglesias

Where: Paramount Theatre,

2025 Broadway, Oakland

When: 8 p.m. Tuesday

Tickets: $35-65, http://www.ticketmaster.com

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