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I know it's a little old but I thought it was kinda funny & interesting some of the answers Enrique gave in this short interview....

Canadian interview from last november
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------, November 24, 2003

Enrique Iglesias

John Intini starts a sentence ... Enrique Iglesias finishes it

The mole might be gone, but Latin heartthrob Enrique Iglesias is back. On Nov. 25, the 28-year-old singer -- also famous for being the son of crooner Julio Iglesias, the boyfriend of tennis star Anna Kournikova and (until his doctor ordered it removed) the bearer of an oversized facial birthmark -- releases his third English album, 7. The Miami-based celebrity recently finished Maclean's Researcher-Reporter John Intini's sentences.

THE LAST MEAL I COOKED FOR MYSELF . . . was scrambled eggs. Does that count? Actually, I don't think I've ever really cooked a whole meal.

FANS WOULD BE SURPRISED TO KNOW I OWN . . . an ultralight. It's a one-seater plane. I learned to fly it about a year ago. My manager isn't really ecstatic about the hobby, but it's a lot of fun.

I GET NERVOUS WHEN . . . there's turbulence. But only when I'm a passenger. There isn't any when I'm flying.

IF I DIDN'T SING I'D BE . . . a porn star. Actually I'd be an unsuccessful porn star.

MY GREATEST REGRET . . . is that I didn't have more fun in high school. I didn't party enough and just hated going.

THE FIRST TIME I REMEMBER WEARING A TOQUE . . . was about four years ago. I didn't need it because it was cold. It's a style thing for me.

I MISS . . . my family vacations in the south of Spain.

THE MOST IMPORTANT LESSON MY FATHER TAUGHT ME ABOUT WOMEN . . . was never get married. But I don't know if he was ever serious about it. And I can't really take his advice -- he was a rock star. He lived a much different life than most guys.


1. Studied business at the University of Miami for one year before dropping out to pursue a music career.

2. Unwilling to use his famous name to get ahead, he first approached record labels as Central American singer Enrique Martinez.

3. To escape hordes of fans, he recorded his 1996 self-titled Spanish debut in Toronto. (get your facts right!)

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