With Enrique Around, Who Is Ricky Martin? Article

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Article from South Africa
Source: Tonight - Western Cape, South Africa (March 9, 2004)

7 - Enrique Iglesias
March 9, 2004
By Nazma Dreyer

If there's one thing swooner Enrique knows how to deliver, it's the aching love ballad. Just listening to Say It and the single Addicted breaks my heart.

Ah, the poor thing. There's no denying Iglesias junior's charm and sex appeal - notwithstanding his smouldering Spanish looks. And when it comes to performing, he's got the girls wrapped around his little finger.

Can he sing? Well, does it matter? This is Enrique's third English album and it has been selling like hotcakes, so he must be doing something right. It incorporates catchy sing-along tunes as well as rock-tinged tracks such as The Way You Touch Me. The opening single Not in Love sets the tone for the mostly upbeat grooves.

The album has three bonus tracks - the Spanish version of Addicted called Adicto; the Addicted Metro mix; and another Addicted mix. After getting hooked on Enrique, you'll be going "Ricky Martin? Who is Ricky Martin?"

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