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Rodeo review
Source; Houston

March 9, 2004, 3:03AM

Enrique Iglesias connects with crowd in powerful show
Copyright 2004 Houston Chronicle

He powered his haunting ballads about broken dreams with a wall of blazing guitars and intense percussion Monday at Reliant Stadium.

But still, pop singer Enrique Iglesias managed to get the crowd pumped up as he alternated his gloomy tunes with anthemic ones that had the fans singing along.

Disappointing was the crowd, estimated at about half of the 70,000-capacity of the stadium.

Iglesias was clicking on all cylinders when he blasted onstage with his robust nine-member band at about 9:35 p.m. with an opening run that included his contagious hit Bailamos -- with its easy rocking grooves -- and Rhythm Divine.

Unlike his dad, Julio, who prefers to perform in debonair three-piece suits, the younger Iglesias prefers the casual approach. Dressed in brown leather pants, a gray T-shirt and a black knit cap, Enrique did his best to make the crowd feel like they were in the intimate setting of his living room. A tall order, indeed, given the immense space between fans and performers during the RodeoHouston shows.

Last year, Julio had a difficult time connecting with the fans. But then again, Julio performed in an early evening show, while the younger Iglesias at least had the added energy of dramatic lighting that comes with a night show.

Not that he had it easy. Several times he resorted to the cheerleading techniques of asking the fans how they felt and at one point even yelling: "I can't hear you! Come on everybody, get up!"

Ultimately, the fans were easy to get stoked, especially when he ran down his potent hit list which included Hero, Escape and Not in Love.

He slowed the tempo on Nunca Te Olvidare, connecting with the torchy sentimentalism. He peaked again on the troubling song Mentiroso with his emotive vocals that conveyed the pain on confronting weakness. The song's bite came in its brutal lyrics about the vulnerabilities that arise when one is completely honest.

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