Spain Bombing Hits Enrique Hard

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Press conference Brisbane
Iglesias kicks off Oz tour
March 12, 2004 - 5:07PM

Bomb blasts which killed 192 people in his home city Madrid have hit a personal note with Latino heart-throb Enrique Iglesias.

The Spanish-born superstar arrived late in his Brisbane hotel room on Thursday night to graphic footage of his birthplace Madrid torn apart by carnage.

"It's a huge catastrophe, I cannot believe it has gone to that level," he told a news conference in Brisbane.

"The minute I found out I called my mother and my sisters ... I can't believe it's gone to that level.

"I couldn't imagine that would ever happen in my country."

Iglesias, who was born in Madrid but raised in Miami, said he felt the blasts would alter Madrid's character forever.

"For me what went through my head was: `I cannot believe they would go to that extreme'," he said.

"My mum is freaking out.

"Who would do such a thing and why? Things I think will be different from now on."

Iglesias was speaking only hours before he kicked off his Australian tour at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre on Friday night.

He has sold more than 30 million albums worldwide and believes he has now successfully moved out of the shadow of his father - Julio Iglesias.



"It was something I thought about of course, the obvious comparisons, but I feel our music is so different anyway," he said.

Iglesias is joined on his tour of Australia by his girlfriend, tennis star Anna Kournikova.

"She loves Australia and I have never been, so she was really keen to join me," he said.

After affably answering reporter's questions, Iglesias froze when a koala was presented for him to hold.


From the Sydney Morning Herald
Enrique inherits more than father's work ethic
By Bernard Zuel
March 13, 2004

It's all about talent . . . good looks does not help musicians' careers, says Enrique Iglesias, who is in Sydney, with his girlfriend Anna Kournikova, for two concerts. Photo: AAP/Dave Hunt

Doe of eye, full of lip and narrow of hip, Enrique Iglesias is many things: son of Julio, squire of tennis nonentity Anna Kournikova, seller of millions of records and not yet 29. But slow isn't one of them.

As he sat down in the chilled ballroom of his Brisbane hotel he looked out at the media seated before him and said: "Mm, mainly women."

No mierda, Senor Sherlock. Awaiting him were five men, 22 women and Molly Meldrum. In the hour before he arrived the hotel lobby saw a constant stream of slim young women in high spirits and low jeans.

Maybe that's why the pre-conference food laid out on large platters was thick with fancy sweets. Maybe that's why most of those fancy sweets were still uneaten at the end.

The lack of interest in the food was not because we had been rushed before the arrival of the Son of God's Gift to Women of a Certain Age. (Was your father an influence, he was asked. "He was an influence work ethic wise," Iglesias said before delivering the killer blow to any father's ego. "Musically not so much.")

During the long wait, via Meldrum, we were informed of Iglesias's movements as he neared. "He's in the lift . . . not long now . . . he's definitely coming . . . he's between lifts."

But the wait was worth it for some of the breathless press. We now know that the mole Iglesias had removed from his face wasn't cancerous but had the potential to be; that Kournikova is with him and acting as tour guide; and that when not throbbing hearts and loins from Miami to Taiwan he likes to surf, windsurf, ski and live "a pretty simple life".

And if you're wondering, his finely honed good looks (bitter? moi?) aren't that important in selling records.

"I don't think because you look prettier you're going to sell more records," he declared as blithely as any good-looking artist could.

But the Madrid-born singer was prepared to talk about some ugliness. News of the Madrid bombing had reached him when he landed in Australia on Thursday night. His mother lives there, and Iglesias's family has history with the main suspects, the Basque separatist group ETA, which kidnapped his grandfather.

"There's still a lot to discover about what happened in Madrid," he declared. "It's hard to believe [ETA] would be to that extreme."

Enrique Iglesias performs at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on Sunday and Monday.

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