Walking In The Ways Of His Father

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Walking in the ways of his father
source: The Business Times, Online Edition, Singapore

Published April 2, 2004

Walking in the ways of his father


'I LEARNED a lot from my father - I learned his ways,' gushes Enrique Iglesias, progeny of 'Latin Lover' Julio Iglesias, the man who could melt many a woman's heart - and resistance - with his voice.

Charming: Enrique Iglesias has already put out seven albums
While Enrique's Latin blood is mixed with Filipino (his mother, Isabel Preysler, used to be a model in the Philippines), this dilution did not quell his desire to grab the microphone as his first job fresh out of university as Enrique Martinez.

Lessons learnt from watching his father onstage have paid off. The 29-year-old evolving heart-throb has already put out seven albums, and his most current, titled after this numerical fact, has been seeing lots of airplay. It's likely to add more trophies to his impressive collection that includes a Grammy, five American Music Awards, and several Billboards.

Enrique, for his part, has been happily doing the rounds of venues in support of 7 and enjoying every minute of it with almost wide-eyed wonder. 'It's one of my favourite albums,' he enthuses. 'I wrote the songs, and I collaborated with people I felt like working with. I wanted to make music that was fun.'

The end result is an album that steers slightly away from love ballads, but instead looks at the last year and a half of the Miami-based singer's well-documented public life.

As the son of Julio, the natural reaction is to lump him along with his father as the Latin Lover. 'I'm Latin. I've recorded a few albums in Spanish. But I grew up in the US,' he answers, quite deftly avoiding a direct response to the subject.

Avoidance has helped him steer a relatively safe path through a rough industry. 'I try to stay away from all that. I don't read the tabloids.'

Unlike his father, who meets any challenge head-on with charm and wit, Enrique is more focused on getting on with the things that matter. In this instance, his career, which seems to be opening up new doors for him. 'I'm looking to expand my horizons. I'm always writing new things, and there are producers coming up with new concepts. I will just go with the flow.'

The concerts have been great experiences for Enrique. In Australia, he played to sell-out crowds of up to 15,000 and that has fired him up for the Asian leg, that includes Sunday night's concert at the Indoor Stadium. Enrique harbours the desire to draw larger crowds - 'like Bruce Springsteen in the Giant Stadium - sold out for days in a row!' But, he admits, 'it's very hard to do'.

Enrique, always polite, does display a level head. While he doesn't get too embroiled at the business end, he does insist on having a say in how things are done. 'I surround myself with a great team. I'm known to be a perfectionist. After all, it's a business, my life and my career. I want to make sure everything is okay.'

Enrique Iglesias performs at the Indoor Stadium on Sunday, April 4, at 8pm. Tickets available from http://www.sistic.com.sg and the Sistic hotline: 6348 5555

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