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Reasons why he is Enrique and you are not...
source: The Electric New Paper, April 4, 2004

Reasons why he is Enrique and you are not...
He can't shake his bon-bons, appears to be always in the same clothes and slinks around in a slouch. Ye, he's sold millions of albums accumulated a shelf full of awards and has women all over the world at his feet. Infographics journalist CEL GULAPA examines the enigma of Enrique Iglesias...



HE has more than three-quarters of the world covered simply through his mixed heritage. His father is Spanish superstar Julio Iglesias and mother Isabel Preysler is a former international model from the Philippines.

His Latino-Asian looks are easy on the eye - a factor vital in the video-oriented music industry of today.



He established himself in Spanish pop in the mid-'90s, hot on the heels of Ricky Martin and Marc Anthony, the then-reigning figures in what was known as the Latin pop invasion.

Enrique was very intent on not being accused of nepotism. So, he presented himself to record labels as 'Enrique Martinez from Central America'.

This angered Julio, who, with his business connections, was only too willing to help.

There was a story about how daddy told him he'd never make it on his own, but it just made the younger Iglesias want it even more.

Today, the Latin music boom has all but disappeared, save for William Hung's cover of Martin's She Bangs.

And no body remembers Julio Iglesias except the girls he loved before.

But Enrique is still going strong. The video for his song, I'm Not In Love, is on heavy rotation on MTV.



Enrique has legions of women fans from all over the world.

And why not? In his videos, he is always seen going the extra mile for the girls: Singing for them, whispering sweet nothings in their ears, riding bikes, getting beaten up and essentially doing everything in the name of seducing them, including wearing hideous beanie hats.

He has even romanced female celebrities in his videos: Shannon Elizabeth, Geri Halliwell, Christina Aguilera among them.

In Hero, after Enrique gets beaten to a pulp by Mickey Rourke, Jennifer Love Hewitt takes him into her arms in the pouring rain, and sobs.

All this while, Enrique sings, 'I can be your hero, baby, I can kiss away your pain.'

How can you not fall for that act?



Okay, tough to get anywhere from here onwards. The Russian tennis poster girl is the stuff of fantasy for normal men.

Sweet and charming despite being sporty and exuding an earthy yet elegant beauty... okay, okay if I describe Anna's appeal any further, my blood pressure will start shooting.

But she is - to all men's envy - the woman in Iglesias' life.

The two met when Kournikova starred in the video for his single, Escape. Yes, the one with the nightclub toilet scene where the two made good use of the sink counter. Then they continue their revelry in the carpark where she turns to look teasingly at the camera in the last shot.

At that point, didn't you wish you were him? Come on, admit it. Metrosexual is so last year, man!



You might think mixed blood, women and a trophy girlfriend are common enough when it comes to celebs.

With even the HDB uncles hooking up with young and beautiful foreign women, I can't blame you.

But how many of us can lay claim to having a grandfather fathering a child in his 80s?

Yes, Julio Iglesias senior, 87, and wife Ronna Keit, 40, are expecting a baby this April.

The baby boy will be uncle to Enrique who is 28. Will Enrique still be as virile at 80? Only time will tell.



His CDs sell by the millions. His first Spanish album alone has sold six million copies to date.

In 1999, he released his first English language album after signing a US$42 million (about $70m) deal with Interscope Records. Recently, he bagged a TV commercial deal with Pepsi for a staggering US$80 million.

Not too bad for a man who has nothing but songs and his sincerity in delivering them.

I mean, for all his millions, he doesn't even seem to have money for clothes. It's all the same brownish lime green T-shirt over faded blue jeans.

And that pose. The slightly bent-over-forward -with-head-facing-sideways pose, punctuated by a sudden look to the camera and a silly grin. Okay, I can't deny the fact the the guy is very goodlooking. Even I, a fellow guy, can't deny that, but what's with the clothes & silly poses? Man, he surely gets away with anything.



Whatever you say about the man, there's no denying Enrique's songs have touched your lives in one way or another.

British army soldiers in the Gulf, for one, have chosen Hero as their war theme, prompting a celebrity gossip website to ask: 'How gay is the British Army?'

I, for another, have to confess owning none of his CDs. But for all my record collection of Sonic Youth, N.E.R.D. and loads of hip albums, it is his songs I find myself warbling in the shower.

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