Oh Enrique, You're Such A Tease!

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Informative Interview with Singapore Newspaper
In this interview Enrique denies that he's engaged or that he gave AK an $4.5 million Argyle diamond. He also says he wants to do other tours and another album, thus negating our speculations that he's ready to give it all up.

source: The Electric New Paper

Oh Enrique, you're such a tease!
By Jeanmarie Tan

SEX and Enrique Iglesias almost always go into the same sentence. This is the same guy who has earned the reputation of 'sex god' with those smouldering Latino good looks, puckered lips and that special connection with his legion of female fans - all without the need to shake his bon-bon.

So instead of getting all hot and bothered with our spicy line of questioning, the Madrid-born pop singer proved that the art of flirting is indeed in his genes.

Or jeans, especially the tight crotch-hugging ones.

Throughout the 15-minute phone interview from Jakarta, the scion of Casanova crooner Julio Iglesias was in a too-good-to-be-true mood.

He didn't even need his agent/publicist to put the call through, as is the usual practice with A-list celebs.

Instead, he phoned this reporter directly, and turned on the charm with his courteous tone delivered in a lazy American drawl - and none of the reputed attitude.

When women are embarrassed, they giggle. It's the same for Iglesias, 28, who deflected every single 'dirty' topic with a light-hearted approach and low, gruff laughter reeking of fake modesty.

Iglesias was tickled by the fact that he makes women of all ages all over the world scream and swoon, insisting that there's no 'secret' to his sex appeal.

'I guess I'm very fortunate to be recognised as a sex symbol, but it's also kind of funny because I feel like an ordinary man, so I feel a little weird talking about myself in that way, but thank you for the compliment!

'It makes me feel happy that I can touch fans all over the world in that way.'

Hmm, no double entendre intended?

And what about the reports that Latino Loverboy has a raging libido and has bedded countless women?

'No!' Iglesias protested bashfully, as if he has never heard this before. 'I mean, I like to have a good time, it's good to share love with family and friends. I'm not all about sex.'

Come on, give us a tip from the Iglesias book of seduction: How do you please a woman?

The heart-throb chuckled shyly and self-consciously: 'Er... next question!... Well, there are a lot of different ways... I guess being yourself, having a good time and being funny is a good way.'

On the flipside, what can a woman do to turn him on?

Iglesias countered with a big tease: 'Woah, is this PG-13, rated R, or X? What do you like to be done to you, Jean?'

Oh, behave!

'I like sincerity, when a woman's genuine,' he continued.

And when does he feel the least sexy - if that's possible?

'When I'm eating a double cheeseburger,' he joked.

'In the first place, I don't consider myself sexy. But you're making me feel sexy right now because you're making me talk about myself.'

There. Flirtation alert again.


Well, since Iglesias has so (unconvincingly) denied the very reason females go ga-ga over him, then which other male star in his opinion is sexier than himself?

After some prompting, he reluctantly threw out a name: 'Let's see, who could it be?... I would say Sting, and that's it.

'He's a great singer, and he has that sex appeal you're talking about.'

Born to Julio Iglesias and Philippines-born ex-model Isabel Preysler, Iglesias was 3 when they divorced.

When he was 8, following the kidnapping of his paternal grandfather in a ransom attempt, his mother sent him, brother Julio Jose and sister Chabeli to live in Miami with his father, who was often on tour.

What his family didn't know was that Iglesias was secretly writing songs and dreaming of stardom.

It wasn't until he earned a record deal that he told his parents of his aspirations.


Well, fans can judge first-hand whether Iglesias has his father's mojo when he holds his first concert here on Sunday as part of his Asian tour to promote his third English album, 7.

Especially if you're one of the lucky ladies to be invited on stage at a 'sit-down lounge section' and have Iglesias serenade you during one of his fan interaction segments.

The Grammy-winning chart-topper added: 'It's going to be an intimate set, where they can just relax and have a good time.

'(Other chosen fans in other countries) get excited - they cry, laugh and are shocked. But for the most part, they are just happy to share that moment with me and the rest of the audience.

'I'm very excited to come to Singapore. I'm looking forward to seeing all the women and hopefully we'll all have fun.'

Iglesias didn't betray any hint of irritation when faced with questions about that much-gossiped-about mole on his right cheek.

He had it surgically removed last May because he said it was potentially cancerous.

Iglesias admitted he's relieved that it's gone - but not because it was a big fat blot on his almost-perfect face.


'The doctor told me it could at one point become harmful, so I said, 'Let's just do it.' I was just following doctor's orders and took care of it, but thank God it didn't go any further. So yes, I was relieved.'

He also claimed that he has never felt self-conscious about his mole.

Even though Jimmy Fallon, host at the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards, spoofed Iglesias by pasting a horrendously oversized mole on his own cheek ('I thought it was hilarious, I was laughing so hard... Offended? Absolutely not').

Even though in all Iglesias' music videos, the right side of his face is always hidden in the shadows, thanks to some crafty lighting ('No, it's not deliberate').

He said he 'feels the same' with or without his mole.

'It never was a problem. It's so funny that something like that became such a big thing. The press thought it was an ordeal for me, but it wasn't. I felt comfortable.'

If Iglesias sounds like he's loosening up, it's because achieving continued happiness is a top priority on his must-achieve-before-I'm-30 list.

'I'd want another successful round of tours, another album and just being happy.

'There's a lot going on in this world, so if I can continue to enjoy what I do and keep my head forward, I think that'll keep me happy for the time being.'

Not surprisingly, the charmer wrapped up the interview on a happy note: 'You've been awesome, Jean. It was good talking to you.'

Believe me, the pleasure was all mine.

'We're happy that everything's okay'

THE mere mention of his main squeeze, tennis beauty Anna Kournikova, made Enrique Iglesias reticent.

For the past year, he had always been reluctant to discuss his girlfriend and their relationship.

Yet, just a few weeks ago during the Australian leg of his world tour, he broke his silence to the local press, declaring that 'When I'm with Anna, it's the best time of my life'.

Of his sudden change of heart, Iglesias said rather frostily: 'It just depends. I still don't want to comment on my personal life, but she was with me in Australia, and that's about it.'

Attempts at finding out whether he has written a song about her yet or what her favourite track is were met with a curt 'I don't know, we'll talk about that another day maybe.'

He also denied that the couple was engaged after Iglesias reportedly gave her a A$5.4m ($6.8m) diamond ring from the world's biggest mine in Argyle, Western Australia.

He reiterated: 'I don't want to talk about that. People always say false things, but we're happy that everything's okay.'


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Postby partygal21 » Sat Apr 10, 2004 10:07 am

I liked reading this interview. It was funny, informative and interesting. Thanks for posting it. :)

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I agree with partygirl; I, too, love this article. It shows what a down to earth and silly guy Enrique is. :lol:

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That's our Enrique for ya! :lol:

Thanks for the article.

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