E Enthralls India Fans & Is International Phenom

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Postby latinmusiclover » Sun Apr 11, 2004 10:36 pm

Enrique's success as an international artist just keeps getting bigger and bigger. He is becoming quite a phenominon and he has surpassed his father as well as other Latino singers to become the best selling latin artist in the world. He continues to receive rave reviews for his concerts from critics and fans alike. And his recent single 'Not in Love' is at number 1 on the Dance/Club play category on the Billboard charts. Goods looks, mega success, gifted talent, impressive songs and a famous girlfirend to boot. it looks like Enrique is on top of the world and the envy of every guy.

Way to go, Enrique! You are the best male artist on the planet. No other male singer can compare to you. I'm so proud of you!

Here are some articles & reviews about Enrique's successful concert tour....

Enrique enthralls Indian fans
Sunday, April 11, 2004: (Mumbai):

Spanish pop artist Enrique Iglesias tonight serenade calls of young music lovers as he belted out some of the chartbursting Spanish numbers and his English hit from his latest album Seven at a concert at Bandra-Kurla complex in Mumbai.

The Madrid-born Latino music ambassador, who is in Mumbai to promote his latest album, presented a selection of his favourite numbers including Rhythm Divine (Enrique), Love to see you cry (Escape) and Could have this kiss forever (Enrique).

The special moment of the concert was when Enrique summoned a 18-year old girl on stage, bend down on his knees and sang his hit number "Let me be your hero".

The audience cheered when the Spanish hero swept the young girl off her feet and disappeared into the darkness of the stage. The pop artist also shared a can of beer with two members of the audience giving the concert his special touch. (PTI)
Mumbai Concert

All about females, Anna & khana


MUMBAI: Thousands of delirious ladies fans rebelled as Electrique Enrique held his backing vocalist tight in his arms as he crooned Could I have this kiss forever.

He jumped on her who flung one leg in the air much to the disapproval of the female fans. Juhu resident Enakshi Chakraborty came only to see Julio's son.

She exclaimed, "I couldn't get anywhere close to Julio Iglesias. So I am substituting that by coming to his handsome son's concert."

Enrique made 18-year-old Simone's day when he randomly picked her on the stage and sang 'Hero'. As Simone and Enrique ended the mushy number with locked lips, girls in the audience shrieked in chorus saying 'I can't see this... you can't do this to me."

Their boyfriends hugged them in an attempt to placate them. But as the lust hung heavily in the air, some couples took his words 'Could I kiss you forever' literally.

BANGALORE : Time to hear the Rhythm Divine, live! World's most successful Latino pop artiste Enrique Iglesias' first performance in India, at Palace Grounds in Bangalore on April 13, promises to be a dramatic experience with unprecedented theatrical settings.

Enrique will touch down in a special chartered aircraft which will carry a record 21,000 kg theatrical equipment. "This is the first time that Indian audience will see technology integrated with live entertainment of a different dimension," Venkat Vardhan, managing director of DNA Networks, which is producing 'Enrique Iglesias Live 2004' in India said.

The additional 15,000 kg is purely for the ramps and stage-setting. The stage is a three-level arrangement which will extend to the audience so that the artiste can reach out and interact with the crowd. While Enrique will perform on one ramp, the accompanying 10 musicians will perform on the other. A range of unique percussion instruments including the conga, timble drum, LP timbali, surdo drum and alfalia drum are also being brought by the crew to add to special effects.

All this on three LED screens which will screen sharp and clear digital images of the performance. "A complete integrated lighting truss system will enhance the positioning of the multiple moving lights over the stage," Varadhan said.

He hopes response for the pop icon will be as enthralling, if not more, as the previous rock icons who had performed at Palace Grounds. "Enrique has sold more cassettes and CDs than any Bollywood film in India . Going by the hit chart, it looks like good timing," he said.

Enrique's tour that kicked off in Australia three weeks ago is already a big hit. "The performance was extremely interactive. So will it be in India ," he said. The pop star will cover Indonesia , India and West Asia .

Given the theatrical equipment, DNA Networks has decided to reorient the venue. "It's going to be a dramatic entry. Some areas will be made wider and others longer and more space will be provided for parking."

Tickets cost Rs 900 and Rs 600. Enrique will treat audience to presentations of his award winning songs such as Rhythm Divine, Escape, Hero, Bailamos, Be With You, Addicted and more from his latest album 'Seven'.
The man behind the star
Published on Apr 12, 2004

He may be an international superstar, but to Enrique Iglesias some things are more important than singing

Enrique Iglesias is not a virgin. At least that’s what he told a press conference last week. He’s so funny.

But the Spanish-born heartthrob also wants to show his serious side. He follows world affairs. And he’s disconcerted by the way entertainment is given a priority over world events.

His concert in Egypt, for example, became bigger news there – at least on the Middle East North Africa Financial Network – than the recent slaughter of four American security contractors in the Iraqi city of Fallujah.

“I think it’s not right,â€￾ says Iglesias. “Entertainment should be secondary to what’s going on in the world and that incident should have got more attention [than my concert].â€￾

Iglesias, who will turn 29 on May 8, is paying his first visit to the Kingdom – he flew in on his private jet. At the press conference ahead of last Thursday’s concert, the Latin singer says he does not know much about his Thai fans or how many there are but promises a great show.

“You get the fans [at a show] but sometimes you get people who go to the concert because they have to go with their girlfriend or something,â€￾ he says. “That’s [the audience] I strive for. We try to make the best show possible for everyone.â€￾

He promised to treat the audience to both Spanish and English hits going back as far as 1995, the year he debuted.

“A show consists of having a good set and songs that people recognise. So hopefully I’ve had a career that’s long enough to be able to play songs that people are going to recognise.

“And that’s what going to make the concert fun.

“When you have three albums in English and four albums in Spanish you actually have got a good set,â€￾ he says.

Appearing comfortable in a light-blue T-shirt, green cargo pants and a baseball cap, he says he hates going shopping for clothes.

“Oh, no. I’m bad, man,â€￾ he tells the press conference when asked about his taste in clothing. “I’d like to just put on whatever I feel comfortable with.

The questions turn from his taste in clothes to his taste in women.

He’s asked to describe his ideal woman.

“I don’t know really,â€￾ he says. “I guess she’s gotta be independent, fun, adventurous and be able to put up with my life ... and that’s not easy.â€￾

“Basically I like anyone,â€￾ he adds.

“Anyoneâ€￾ has included the likes of tennis bombshell Anna Kournikova. His former girlfriend came to Thailand last year to become a tourism ambassador for Pattaya.

Enrique Iglesias is the son of international singing star Julio Iglesias. He says he admires Julio not only as a father but also as an artist. He wants to sing a duet with his father.

“I want to do it because I’ve been looking forward to doing it and we feel it in our hearts that it is the right time,â€￾ he says. “I don’t know. It might happen and it might not happen. But if it happens it has to be very spontaneous, very real.â€￾

With his records selling millions of copies worldwide and a number of music industry awards, Iglesias says he has attained his dream.

“I feel so lucky. A lot of people are still looking and they can never find their dream and don’t know what they are doing.

“At the same time my job doesn’t feel like a job. I love to do it and I get paid for it so I couldn’t ask for anything else,â€￾ he says.

Iglesias has been on tour for several months. After Thailand, he heads to India and the Middle East.

“The good thing about the tour is that I’m going to so many places I’ve never been to.

“I just like to go places to open up my mind. So it doesn’t make me ignorant.â€￾

Kreangsak Suwanpantakul

The Nation
Music is helping Enrique as he goes through puberty...
source: The Times of India

'Music kept me from shrinks'

SUNDAY, APRIL 11, 2004 09:54:22 PM ]

MUMBAI: The Spanish charm was evident on Sunday as Madrid-born pop-artist Enrique Iglesias admitted that it was music that kept him grounded despite the fame and massive fan following all over the world.

"It is music that keeps me grounded," Enrique, whose self-titled debut album in Latin catapulated him to superstar status in the Spanish speaking music world, told reporters here.

"I do not consider music as work. I enjoy music and I am in this field not for money or fame but simply because I love music," Enrique, who is in Mumbai as part of his musical tour, said.

"I think it is music that saved me a lot of money from visiting psychologists," he said in a jocular vein, "especially when one is going through puberty, experiences a lot of peer pressure", Enrique, dressed in a simple grey-blue T-shirt sans any flamboyance, said.

The singer whose " No Llores Por Mi " won him a large fan following in India , too, said he enjoyed singing both in Spanish and English, "I write both in Spanish and English, I find myself comfortable in both," he said.
Can't escape his love
By: Ami Cholia
April 10, 2004

He’s gorgeous. He’s sexy. He’s the envy of every male tennis fan (or man in general) and he turns out a damn catchy tune. Put the whole package on stage and you’re guaranteed female heart rates skyrocketing.

In recent years Bailamos, Escape, Hero and Don’t Turn Off The Lights have ruled the airwaves and heated up dance floors across the world.

Since kicking off his career with Enrique Iglesias in 1996, Enrique has sold over 30 million albums worldwide. A phenomenal record by any standards, especially when you add to his accolades a Grammy, a Billboard Artist of the Year award, Billboard Album of the Year award, two American Music Awards and a World Music Award.

Latino heartthrob Enrique Iglesias will play his first ever concert on Mumbai soil tomorrow. Enrique Iglesias Live is guaranteed to be a spectacle of pop. As the girls in this city see it, Enrique can do no wrong. His music is sensual in as understated a way as is possible, women love his boy-next-door charm and the fact that he wants to be their Hero.

Teenagers and adults alike are preparing to get there early, be loud and leave late. We can run, we can hide, but there is no escape from Enrique’s love.

The fan club:

Samyukta, Priyanka and Srishti all geared up for the concert
Some of Enrique’s fans talk on what makes him so special

Priyanka Sawhney (12): I really like Enrique. I think he looks very good. I love his songs. I’m hoping to get on stage on with him. The gates open at 6 pm, so if we get there at about 4 we have a chance of getting on stage.

Samyukta Yatish (12): I first liked his voice — it is the best. Now, I am totally crazy about him. Every time I see his poster I have to buy it. He is just so hot. I really don’t like Anna Kournikova. It’s not fair, they should get divorced as soon as they get married.

Srishti Garg (12): I think Enrique is the best singer in the world. He is just incredible. I love him. I can’t wait for the concert. We are going to try and make posters. I don’t think its fair that he’s going out with Anna Kournikova.

Arohi Sagar (23): I think Enrique is really hot and now that he’s taken off his mole, I think he looks even better.

Jasmine Ganatra (26): I really like his music. I have been following it for a while. His lyrics are all so different. You can listen to him for hours and not get bored.
A legion of fluttering hearts for Iglesias.......

MUMBAI, April 11. — Enrique Iglesias flew into town late last night with girlfriend Anna Kournikova in tow. If the youthful female frenzy at his press conference here this evening is any indication, he will fly out of the city leaving behind a legion of fluttering hearts.
Exuding chutzpah and betraying an impish sense of humour, the lean and mean 28-year-old Spanish pop icon said though he has eaten Indian food every day and seen many Indian movies while he recorded his debut album in Toronto, an “Indianâ€￾ enclave, he really doesn’t know what to expect in the country and of his reported fan following out here.
“They (organisers) say you are popular here and sell lot of records but you never know what to expect till you get on stage and see how people sing your songs,â€￾ Iglesias said. Because of the liberal sponsorship, he has been able to bring practically his whole show to India, production-wise, and promised that it will be an experience to remember for his Indian fans.
Son of veteran crooner Julio Iglesias said he has not been influenced by his father’s music so much as by his work ethic. “He is really hard working,â€￾ he revealed. He grew up listening not to his father’s music but to Dire Straits, U2 and Police. The singer of such hits like “Bailamosâ€￾ “Heroâ€￾ “Addictedâ€￾ records both in Spanish and English but said he is not too keen on translations.
Confirming that Anna Kournikova is in town, Iglesias said there is no plan of the Russian tennis pin-up girl figuring in his music videos. “Not for now,â€￾ he quipped.
Liquor baron Dr Vijay Mallya, whose company is the chief sponsor of the show, left his campaigning in Karnataka to attend the show.
Concert Sellout for Heart-Throb Iglesias Likely
source: Gulf Daly News

TICKETS are selling fast for Enrique Iglesias' concert in Dubai next week.

Bahrain-based company Mirage Promotions says the April 15 concert at the Dubai Media City is expected to be another sell-out, following successes with Craig David, Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance and Mariah Carey.

Bigger than ever and promoting his current number one album Seven, Enrique will be performing in the Gulf as part of a world tour.

Doors open at 7pm and show starts at 9pm.

This event is supported by Nivea, Areej, Budget Car Rental, Emirates Radio 1 & 2, Gulf News, Orbit, Virgin Megastore and the Shangri-La Hotel.

Tickets are available from Mirage and are priced at BD22.500 for the Nivea Pit, BD15.500 for regular standing and BD29.500 for the grand stand seats. Tickets are also available from the Time Out Ticketline on 009714 8004669 or http://www.itptickets.com.

Meanwhile, Melody TV Egypt and Mirage Promotions are also presenting Enrique Iglesias in concert in Cairo, Egypt, on April 17 at Production Media City. Tickets for this show are also available in Bahrain. For more information, contact Mirage on 17715277 or fax 17715377 or email mirage@batelco.com.bh
Pepsi launches promotion for Iglesias concert....
Indiantelevision.com Team

MUMBAI: On Easter Sunday 11 April Latin sensation Enrique Iglesias will strut his stuff in Mumbai at the MMRDA Grounds in Bandra. One of the sponsors Pepsi has lined up a promotion.

Consumers can win cash discounts on tickets to the concert, prizes and an opportunity to meet the singer. As part of the Concert Cash promotion, Pepsi has launched special “Enriqueâ€￾ labels on its 600-ml and 2-litre PET bottles, which can be redeemed for discounts up to 25 per cent on ticket prices.

Additionally, everyone purchasing tickets to the concert through the Concert Cash promotion by exchanging Pepsi labels would get exciting prizes. For example on the purchase of a ticket the consumer would get a complementary Enrique notebook while on purchase of two tickets, one would get a complementary Enrique T-shirt. On purchasing four tickets one gets a complementary Enrique bag.

Also anyone availing of the discount scheme through Concert Cash would automatically become eligible for a lucky draw. Four winners of the lucky draw would get to meet Iglesias and get collector’s item microphones autographed by him.

As reported earlier by Indiantelevision.com MTV is the broadcast partner for the event.
Enrique Arrives in India
source: Ananova.com

Pop singer Enrique Iglesias arrived in India's entertainment capital of Bombay to promote his latest album Seven, as thousands of fans lined up for last minute tickets for his concert.

"This is my first trip to India. There are some warm and friendly people here," Iglesias told reporters after arriving in Bombay.

Rael Fernandes, a 20-year-old Indian fan, said: "He is the king of Latino music."

"He is not only a fantastic singer, he is very handsome and nice as well."

Iglesias will also perform in the southern Indian city of Bangalore on Tuesday.
Traffic arrangements for Enrique show

BANGALORE: Traffic arrangements for Latino artist Enrique Iglesias concert to be held at the Palace Grounds on April 13 has been put together by the DNA networks, organisers of the show, and the traffic police.

The gates to the Mecca for every visiting rock act, Palace Grounds, for the concert will open at 6.30 pm. The concert commences at 7.30 pm.

Remember the serpentine traffic queues and hours-long jam for the previous concerts, be it Scorpions or Byran Adams? To facilitate easier vehicular movement, two gates on Bellary road (next to Mekhri Circle) will lead to the parking area. The following topographical details will help fans coming to the concert:

People coming from Indiranagar/M.G.Road/Koramangala areas, will have to come from Jayamahal circle to Jayamahal road (TV Tower) to reach Mehkri circle.

People coming from Jayanagar/Chamarajpet/ areas will have to take Kasturba road to Queens road to reach Jayamahal circle and then to Mekhri circle.

People coming from Rajajinagar/Vijaynagar/Malleshwaram, will have to come via Sankey tank road to Cauvery theatre junction to reach Mehkri circle.

People coming from Yeshwantpur/Tumkur road/Bellary road/Hebbal will have to come from the Tata Institute circle to C.V.Raman road to reach Mehkri Circle.

Vehicles will not be allowed to enter from the main Palace Grounds gate, ie Gayatri gate.

The organisers at DNA Networks said that audiences will not be allowed to bring bottles, cans, cameras and handbags. Electronic equipment like pagers and cell phones must be switched off inside the venue.

The organisers also said that special viewing arrangements - like giant LED screens - have been set up for the attending public. Other facilities like catering with provision for drinking water, mobile toilets, first aid with ambulance and enhanced security have been made. Tickets of Rs 600 and Rs 900 are being sold.
Mumbai Concert
source:The Times of India.

Enrique and Anna: Caught in the act [photo]

MONDAY, APRIL 12, 2004 02:50:55 AM

MUMBAI: It was the night of the E-Male. The atmosphere was surcharged, girls were delirious and their boyfriends jealous.

The 'Roamer' was in town. You can run, you can hide, but you can’t escape the magic of Electric Enrique.

As he writhed from one chart-buster to another, the crowd soon forgot and forgave the Latino sensation for the long wait they had to endure.

"Mama used to say, all that loud music you play ain't gonna get you nowhere," he sang. But Mumbai got its taste of his Rhythm Divine on Sunday night.

Enrique, who claims to have been influenced by rock acts like Journey, Foreigner, U2 and Bruce Springsteen, raised the temperature by several degrees at the MMRDA Grounds, Bandra-Kurla Complex for over one hour.

Pictures of mezmorised indian fans:

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Postby suzieQ » Sun Apr 18, 2004 7:07 pm

I am just so amazed at how successful Enrique has become and he did it all on his own. He took a chance quitting college, travelling to Toronto where he knew no one and tried to get a record deal without using his famous last name. His risky move and ambition is what got him to where he is today. And his good looks or his father had nothing to do with it as some speculators want to believe.

Keep up the great work, Enrique! There are millions of people who love you and who you have touched with your music and beautiful songwriting. You have a tremendous talent!

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