Enrique Mania In The Middle East

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Enrique Iglesias has been causing a stir since his Middle east concerts, so much so that huge Billboards with his picture are being placed everywhere and natives have stopped to take pictures of it and have their pictures taken with it. Iglesias has been getting a huge fan response to his concerts and even critics have raved about his concert entertainment where Iglesias brings his fans up on stage to either serenade then or hang out on a couch with him drinking beverages while he sings. His strong stage presence and vocal chords are a great combination with his dynamic band's instrumental sound which makes the concert more than worth the price of admission.

Way to go, Enrique!!! You RULE!!!

Here are more rave concert reviews from Mumbai and pictures of natives posing by Enrique's huge Billboard signs. Enrique has become a phenom in The Middle East as well as everywhere else. check out the pictures here:




Enrique mania hits first live performance in Mumbai
Mumbai | April 13, 2004 9:46:03 AM IST

Thousands of delirious fans swooned as electric Enrique Iglesias, labelled the sexiest man alive, performed in Mumbai.
Enrique, son of legendary singer Julio Iglesias, is currently on a tour of seven countries including India, to promote his latest album "Seven".

The Latino singer said his love for music got him into the business, and not money.

"I came into music because I love music, I never did it because I needed money, it was not about money. It is because I honestly love what I do and I don't know where else I would have been if I was not into music," Enrique told a news conference before the start of the much-awaited concert on Sunday.

Enrique performed his famous songs "Hero", "Love to see you cry", "Bailamos", "Rhythm divine", "Could I Kiss you forever", "Addicted" and "Escape".

Liquor baron Vijay Mallya, the flamboyant chairman of India's UB Group, said he will continue to sponsor popular pop stars. "We have picked the best. When McDowell said that we want to present a McDowell mega event, we have brought Elton John, Rolling Stones, Bryan Adams and now Enrique (Iglesias). You can see a trend, a trend to bring in best in the world," said Mallya. Enrique is among the battery of musicians and pop stars who have visited the subcontinent in recent years.

Hugely popular ones include Canadian singer Bryan Adams, American rock n' roll group Rolling Stones, British group Spice Girls, Michael Jackson and Lou Bega.

Enrique's concert took place at the MMRDA complex with fans ranging from small children to young girls, including models and filmstars. The show also treated people with an audio-visual extravaganza of unprecedented scale-a fantastic set, with state of the art special effects and awesome lighting.

Enrique will perform in Bangalore on Tuesday. (ANI)
Rhythm divine enthralls Mumbai (article)
source: hindustantimes.com

Rhythm divine enthralls Mumbai

Meenakshi Sinha
MUMBAI, April 12

You can run, you can hide, but you can't escape the Latino sensation called Enrique Iglesias. The pop star, with girlfriend Anna Kournikova in tow, sent Mumbai rocking on Sunday night.

Iglesias belted out his best-selling numbers in front of a 25,000 strong crowd of hysterical fans at the MMRDA Grounds, Bandra-Kurla Complex for over one hour. The 28-year-old Madrid-born, Miami-bred singer had arrived on a private jet on Saturday last for his maiden concert in India.

While this may be his first visit to the country, Enrique said he's no stranger to India. "In America every hotel has an Indian channel playing Indian music and Indian films, so everyone hears it," he told reporters, sporting a black T-shirt inscribed with his lucky number 77.

When I was living in Toronto, I had many Indian friends and almost every day I use to watch Indian videos and use to eat Indian dishes," he said, boasting his Indian connections.

According to Iglesias: "I had been planning to come to India for the last two years but it's never easy to bring an entire concert at such a large scale. There are many issues to be looked into when staging a show as big as this and I'm glad I finally managed to make it."

Enrique is on a promotional tour for his latest album called '7'. He admitted the number had been good to him: "Since it is my 7th album I named it after the number. Also, it was my number as a soccer player and has proved to be lucky."

Although his troubled relations with his father Julio Iglesias is no secret, Enrqiue admitted the well-known Latino musician had influenced him greatly. "I admire my father more for his work ethics than for his music. He had great technique and style to his work. As for my inspiration, I have grown up listening to Dire Straights, The Police, U2, Journey, Foreigner and Bruce Springsteen," he said.

According to the highly decorated artist, who began singing in Spanish and has to his credit a list of awards and trophies that includes 116 platinum records, 227 gold, 26 international awards, the 1996 Grammy for the Best Latin Performer and the 1997 Billboard Magazine Album of the Year, he draws his energy from the audience when he takes centre stage.

"When you are in front of an audience there's so much adrenaline running in your body that it feels great. For me, when I'm on stage, that's really not my work, it's the best feeling in the world as my music keeps me alive and going", said he.

Enrique was far more tight-lipped about his on-off affair with tennis beauty Kournikova. "Yes, she's accompanying me on this trip but we have no special plans as of now", he said while brushing off persistent media curiosity about his celeb partner. Despite the cloak of secrecy surrounding the pair, some claimed they had seen the lovers cozy up backstage later during the evening's performance.

He was just as evasive, playfully so, when some scribes wanted to know the secret of the missing mole on his face. "The mole left. It was a fake!" he quipped and then went to explain, "I used to sit around every day with it and one day I said I want to get rid of that, so my make up artist took it out."

But mole or no mole, Enrique didn't seem to have lost any of his sex appeal as he turned on the heat with 'Could I have this kiss forever' at the concert. Shrieking, crying and gasping, the girls went berserk when he called one of them on stage to sing the mushy number 'Hero' and ended with a lip-lock with the lucky eve. "This is not fair, I can't bear it. Oh my god, oh my god. I love you Enrique!" shouted heartbroken female admirers even as their jealous boyfriends looked on.

The poster boy had Mumbai crowds eating out of his hands with superhit compositions like 'Rhythm Divine', 'Hero', 'Knock, Knock Knocking On Heaven's Door', 'Escape' and many more.

Enrique is the third major international act after Elton John and Bryan Adams to have come to India in the last few months. Ensconced in his Rs 60,000 a night Shivaji suite at the ITC Grand Maratha Sheraton, the musician said he was at home with Indian food and liked its spicy flavour. "I love Indian food, which I had last night. It is very spicy, but very good. I'd say Indian food is diarrhoea proof cause of its spicy content," he joked. According to sources at the hotel where Enrique and his entourage have booked forty-four rooms in all, the Spaniard ordered Peshawari food, including an elaborate array of tikkas and chocolate carvings.

Enrique is slated to perform on 13th April in Bangalore, but before that, he is on a daylong trip to liquor baron Vijay Mallya's Kingfisher Villa in Bardez, Goa with Girlfriend Anna. A party for select few in the evening will follow it.

The pop star also let slip he had plans to see India up close and personal in the short time he had. "This is my first trip to India. I've heard about its beautiful people, culture and my fan following. I'm truly honoured and thankful as people in India a really supportive of my music. As for my plans for my stay in India I have a day between concerts and I hope to look around, especially the markets."

So if you bump into the Latino hunk while shopping, don't run because you know that escaping his musical charm is not an option!
Mumbai Concert Review: Unstoppable Enrique
source: cities.expressindia.com

Unstoppable Enrique

Pulsating rhythm, gyrating moves, screaming fans - pop star Enrique Iglesias’ Mumbai concert had it all. Our correspondent as there to soak in the electric air

Express News Service

Pune, April 12: He is a ladies’ man. And Enrique Iglesias spared no efforts to show how on Sunday when he performed live for a 20,000-odd strong audience at the Bandra-Kurla Complex, Mumbai. Living up to his strong Latino image, Iglesias not only put up some hip-shaking moves, but also sent the girls, most of them aged between 12-18, squealing with his suggestive onstage antics.

The popstar chose to present a mix of his earlier hits, Spanish numbers and songs from 7, his latest album. Mumbai-band Aquaflow opened for the singer who looked much like his video appearances - the torn tee, vest, leather pants and cap were very much in place.

Bailamos, Love to see you cry, Rhythm Divine, Don’t turn off the lights, To be with you and the cover version of Dylan’s Knockin’ on heaven’s doors found full audience participation. The singer, of course, saved the best for the last with Hero (sung to a girl chosen from the audience) and Escape taking away the top honours.

The turnout impressed Iglesias, who called it his best since his Asia tour. He also didn’t suppress his surprise over the number of men present. ‘‘There are always so many girls at my shows, that if you’re looking for someone, it’s the place to be,’’ he quipped. We didn’t spot girlfriend Anna Kournikova though.

Clever sponsor plugs, well worked out camera close-ups for the three large screens , celebrity spotting - Vijay Mallya, Anil Ambani among others - comperes Nikhil Chinappa and Malaika Arora, and the performance was like they say total entertainment!
Rhythm divine: Mumbai gets into Enrique's Latino groove

NDTV Correspondent

Monday, April 12, 2004 (Mumbai):

It was the concert to beat all concerts, with 20,000 screaming fans and one of the world's top pop sensations.

Latino crooner Enrique Iglesias hit Mumbai soil for the first time ever on Sunday evening, and got the city rocking.

Though the performance started late, the vast audience at the at the Bandra Kurla complex got there money's worth.

Enrique performed his most popular numbers like Bailamos, Hero and Escape.

Banners, cheers and energy ran high, as the star's audience included prominent city people.

"I like Enrique and so does my son. So we are here at the concert," said Anil Ambani, vice chairman, Reliance.

Clearly Indian fans could not have it better with big acts like Bryran Adams, Rolling Stones and now Enrique heading to the country's shores.
Mumbai Review (Mid Day): Enrique has audience in hysteria
source: Mid Day

Enrique has audience in hysteria
By: Narendra Kusnur
April 12, 2004

When Enrique Iglesias began his concert at 8.50 pm yesterday with The Way You Touch Me, scores of teenyboppers screamed in hysteria. For the next hour and 15 minutes, he enchanted the crowd at the MMRDA Grounds, Bandra Kurla Complex, with a series of hits.

From Love To See You Cry, Bailamos, One Night Stand and Rhythm Divine in the first half of the show to Addicted, Don’t Turn Off The Lights, Not In Love and Escape in the latter part, Enrique had his fans singing along.

A splendid version of Bob Dylan's Knocking On Heaven's Door impressed the over-40s. Could I Have This Kiss Forever, a duet with Laura, bubbled with romance. But a huge treat came from Hero, where he called a local girl on stage, asked her name (we heard "Vrinda"), asked her age, enquired whether she had a boyfriend, said he'd be her boyfriend for the next few minutes and charmed her completely. Though this isn't a new thing - even Michael Jackson and Bryan Adams had girls coming on stage - Enrique did his act with sheer elegance.

If Enrique was in top form throughout, due credit must also go to his tight band. Some marvellous electric guitar, exquisite flamenco guitarwork, vibrant Latino percussion and crisp backing vocals lent the right pep.

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Wow! Enrique is like worshipped there!...lol
Who can really blame them for loving him. He's easy to love!

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