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Talented, sexy as hell, funny, articulate and sweet & romantic besides. Can I have this man now?!?!?!?!?...lol

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I can`t stand women who are pretentious: Enrique

Enrique Iglesias is very famous, filthy rich, dating 'every man's dream girl' Anna Kournikova and is considered the sexiest guy around. Let's check out what the man himself has to say on being a sex symbol and about women, sex, love and marriage.

*What does love mean to you?
It's something marvelous, but more than that. For me, love is inspiration itself. I think that 80% of all music is created directly from love. In my case, every one of my songs is born like that. I don't know any other way to write good songs other than from feelings I have experienced -- the very strong sensations of joy or of sorrow that come from love.

True love only happens once...
Most people believe that when you are in love, your legs tremble, you lose sleep and you don't remember to eat. But that's not true love. It's not just a physical thrill. True love is being there for the one you love, all the time, even if you have to suffer for it. I believe that you can only fall in love once in your life - with the girl you love the most, without whom your life feels empty and meaningless.

*Have you ever cried over a girl?
Of course, yes. I've had very bad times in my sentimental life and it hurts me even to speak about them.

*Are you very open with girls and tell them if you love them?
Yes, but only if my sentiments are very deep. Sadly, the words 'I Love You' are the most abused words. People just throw it around at the slightest impulse. If I am not in love with the person, I'm not able to say, "I love you." I don't like to play with other people's hearts. In this kind of situation, I like to behave in the proper way.

*What are you like when you fall in love?
I'm a boy! I can be quite shy in my private life. I will tell my close friends and my family that I'm in love, but that's as far as it goes. I get embarrest when I have to reveal that part of my life to the public.

For me, a lot of emotions grow secretly within myself when I'm in love and I'm convinced that, in the game of love, an intense glance has more power than a long speech. I just love to look into her eyes and try visualise what she's thinking.

*Do you find it easy to talk to girls?
No, because I'm actually rather shy and self consious. It's very hard for me to try to meet new girls, but sometimes, I manage to fight against my shyness... I'm not the kind of guy who shows off and pretends he is something he's not. I'm no show off. For example, I don't like to travel first class and I've never had my own Ferrari. It's probably just as well... because I must admit that, as a driver, I'm a danger.

*So you aren't into the glamour, materialistic life of being a celebrity?
Well, I'm not going to say I don't own a mansion or anything like that, but what I don't like is being chauffered around in limos. I just love going to places in my truck and I usually don't go to fancy resturaunts or clubs unless it's a special occasion. I know it sounds unrealistic, but I just want to live as simple a life as I possibly can.

*You're very famous. Does it help you meet girls?
People always think that once you get famous or you get very well known, everything is suddenly easier. In reality, it's really complicated. But I must admit that when I began as a singer, girls who never looked at me before began to be conscious of my existence... They acted like I was suddenly a very interesting person. The most crazy thing is that until that moment, nobody had never tried to pick me up.

*Has being famous ever backfired?
Yes, it has. It's something very perverse, because when you begin to get famous and you really like a girl and you tell her what you feel for her, she doesn't believe you! She's telling herself: "I'll only be one more name on his list, and I don't want that..."

And on the flip side, it's hard to tell when a girl wants to be with you for YOU and not because you're famous.

*But you are so incredibly handsome and you were voted in People's Magazine as the sexiest man alive. You don't consider yourself a sex symbol?
Sex symbol? Please...
How can I be a sex symbol? I was in the top 10 list of the most rejected guy in school. Girls used to turn me away at the door itself. They felt I didn't look cool enough and give me a stupid excuse like "You can't come in with those shoes". By doing that they'd avoid looking at my face. (View: Pictures of Enrique Iglesias)

*What would you consider an ideal date?
There's no such thing like an ideal date...
It's funny how everybody is so bent on planning an ideal date or try to set up the perfect atmosphere. It doesn't always work. I suggest you turn off the electricity, the gas, the telephone, then, yes, something will happen because there's nothing else left to do. [laughs]

What I do on a date...
When I go out with a girl, I do the most normal things because I never get to do them. I just take her out to eat and to the movies. Or we go to the beach. I do not like to impress a girl with expensive resturuants and materialistic objects when I'm first getting to know her. To me, what makes a good date is who you're with, not where you go. When I care for someone, to make it really romantic I would write her a song or take her to a nice secluded place where we can spend time alone.

Getting to know her closer...
The minute I see a girl, I know if there is chemistry between us, because I do believe in love at first sight. It may not be eternal love like in the fairy tales, but a special attraction. Once the chemistry is there, just start talking and you'll get to know each other better.

*How do you know she's the right girl?
It seems most guys when they go out with a girl need much time to know if she's the right one. In my case it's different. I don't know why, but I know immediately if a girl is the right one. I have this intuition and it has saved my life more than once.

*What's your ideal woman?
There's no radical criteria for me. I'm very open-minded. Anything may happen with any kind of girl. It's a question of feeling. It doesn't matter to me if she's blonde, brunette, tall, short, heavy or thin. I don't care as long as I like her. I am more impressed by the inner beauty of a woman and her character than the outer physical beauty. I like women who don't smoke, and are not spoiled. But I can't stand women who pretend to be something she isn't.

*What are the gestures or little things that most excite you during romance?
To feel her hands on my skin, without a doubt. I just love it when someone caresses my neck and hair. And when she gives me a good massage after a exhausting day. Most of all, I love when she is playful.

*Do you like to kiss before or after making love?
If you're really in love, you kiss the whole time. It's as simple as that.

*Do you prefer making love in the dark or with the lights on?
I like it better in the dark, that way my partner can imagine she's with someone more 'endowed/gifted' than I am. [laughs]

*Do you fantasize about wearing some special outfit to seduce her?
No, I just use my skin. It's the simplist outfit in those moments.

*What makes Enrique happy?
My perfect idea of happiness is being with the woman I want to be with, being wherever I want doing whatever I want.

*Do you want to settle down and get married in the future?
Yes. When you get married, your partnership enters a new part of its evolution. Some people say marriage can kill love, but I don't think so. It doesn't mean that it's the end of everything. It depends on you... and on her. Getting married is one thing that I see in a very cool way. I'd like it to happen to me one day, maybe when I'm more mature in my actions, which in that case I may never get married. [laughs]

Courtesy: Free Press Journal

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