Enrique's Wishlist

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Enrique's wishlist
Enrique Wishlist


Common folks as well as the rich & famous are ecstatic that the Latin heartthrob is in town. Here's a section of Bangalore's gliteratti with their take on some Enrique ‘What ifs'

What if you took him around Bangalore?
Actress Ruchita Prasad:
I would take him to ITPL and to Brigade Road. We would hold hands. I live in Indiranagar which has some hip restaurants which he might like to try out. I would love to take him home for tea and some north Indian food.

What if you cooked a meal for him?
Restaurateur Junaid Rafiuddin:
I would make him a combination of European and Indian food, like crisp tortillas with a light avocado and fish marinated in an oil mixture. I would also make him two bite -sized mini burgers stuffed with Indian kebabs.

What if he was paired up with a Hollywood or Bollywood actress?
Businesswoman Nishi Rehman:
I would have said Julia Roberts but she's too old for him. Jennifer Lopez would be ideal. In India it's got to be Aishwarya Rai. They'd make such a handsome couple, both are good looking.

What if you got to design for him?
Fashion designer Namrata G:
He wears a lot of fusion stuff. I would love to design a flowing, slightly loose shirt kurta in a bright colour with subtle embroidery and flowing straight pants in mulmul or voile.

What if you were to give him one style tip?
Style pundit Prasad Bidapa:
He's so beautiful and gorgeous that he should reveal more skin and wear fewer clothes! Show off more body Enrique. Go for low low waisted hot pants, short rubber tops and high, high boots.

What if he is not with anna Kournikova on this trip? Whom should he be with instead?
Model Anjum Sait:
It has got to be me! I would love for him to sing me a song. We would really look good together. He's really good looking but I am not far behind.

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