Enrique Puts On Sexplicit Show

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Sexplicit show sees launch of raunch:


MUMBAI: Babes, bods, beers and beats. As teenage girls giggled and gasped, and the moral police gagged, Enrique Iglesias and his Latin libido mounted India’s most sexplicit show to date, leaving the audience hot, steamy and begging for more.

On the sizzle scale, Enrique’s performance was smokin’. This was no ordinary bump-n-grind. He made the summer evening sweatier by hooking up on stage with his back-up vocalist Laura. As girls in the crowd shouted in unison, ‘‘Do it to me Enrique,’’ the singing sex symbol suggestively slid his fingers into the waistband of his singer’s skirt. Chaperones blushed, parents tried to wish away the moment and assorted boyfriends stood by with clenched teeth. But the sea of swooning young women only cried for more.

Not one to disappoint, the ‘Hero’ threw himself on top of Laura, simulating sex on stage. So what if girlfriend Anna Kournikova was watching backstage?

And this was merely the appetiser — the entree had them gob-smacked. The E-male pulled up 18-year-old Vrinda Gupta from the crowd to be his prom date for the evening during his hit ‘Hero’. With his trademark machismo, Enrique strode up to her, dragged her on stage, slam-danced her and ended it with a full-on kiss on her lips.

Although Vrinda doesn’t want to elaborate on that, she says, ‘‘I wasn’t shocked at his slam-dance as he does all this in his music videos.’’ After a little prodding she admitted that although the kiss took her by surprise, it was ‘‘very spontaneous and harmless and enjoyable’’.

And with that kiss, Vrinda earned herself thousands of enemies, as jealous fans yelled foul. ‘‘Look how bold she is — Enrique isn’t interested but this girl is all over him,’’ said Kimmy Mirchandani. Never mind that Kimmy needed no stage invitation to keep her lips locked to her date, shocking some of Iglesias’ older fans.

Others tried to separate the couple on stage with taunts. ‘‘Mumbai has a shortage of space, you see. There’s no bedroom to do these things,’’ a woman from Pune yelled.

And it wasn’t the girls alone that had fun with Enrique. Two boys who could speak Spanish were also hoisted on stage to share a pint with the superstar. Sunil and Fransisco, who were seated on a sofa on the stage with their chilled bottles, clicked pictures from their cellphones as Enrique belted out soulful numbers.

But while Maharashtra’s former culture czar Pramod Navalkar was fuming over reports of Enrique’s antics, one-time model Marc Robinson found the whole affair quite cool. ‘‘How much worse was it than the music videos and films we see at home daily?’’ asked the model-turned-fashion choreographer whose on-stage kiss with VJ Sophia Haque — now oh-so-chaste — at the Savage Garden concert in 1998 had raised the hackles of Navalkar, then the Shiv Sena-BJP’s morally correct minister.

‘‘If he kissed her gently and if his actions were in good taste, there is nothing wrong. It was not like Janet Jackson’s concert where she was exposed by Justin Timberlake,’’ Robinson said. But Navalkar now wants a code of conduct for concerts too.

Model Aditi Govitrikar, who was at the concert, said, ‘‘I heard a lot of oohs and aahs from the girls when Enrique grooved with his vocalist. I don’t know if it was out of shock or whether the young things wished that he could have done those things to them.’’ The 30-something model felt that the pop sensation wasn’t vulgar but sensuous as he sang from his heart and his songs were very romantic.

Hot or not, the lack of ruckus that followed Enrique’s antics underlined the fact that moral definitions in Urban India are blurring. Only eight years ago, when Michael Jackson performed in Mumbai, all he did was a harmless boogie with 15-year-old Piya Thakker. Pop stars who choose to follow in the Latin crooner’s footsteps will have to strut their stuff full-on. Really.


A culture code for concerts? No way!


"I think Pramod Navalkar should just chill." Anil Rastogi (22), a web designer, says after reading of the Shiv Sena leader fuming over Enrique Iglesias' antics on stage.

And that Navalkar feels there should be a code of conduct for concerts.

"For what? There's no need!" says Anil, echoing the sentiment of youngsters in the city, who had a blast at the pop sensation's concert. "It's time we loosen up a bit," says Tanmay Rampal (19), an SYBCom student.

The youth give a clear thumbs down to the code of conduct suggested by Navalkar. Says Nimit Anand (25), partner in an ad agency, "Performers can't be asked to tone down their act to suit a code of conduct."

He adds, "You can't possibly expect a conservative act from a Latino sensation."

Mediaperson Richa Shrivastava (23) says, "The code doesn't make any sense. You don't go to a concert to learn the finer points of how to behave. You go there to enjoy yourself and to live the moment."

Even 15- and 16-yearolds feel there was nothing "so objectionable." Says a 15-year-old school student, "This is something we watch on TV all the time. Nothing shocking about it."

Binoy Gomes (19), an FYBSc student, believes a code of conduct will only deter top stars from coming here.

"If the crowds find something highly objectionable, they will hoot and put a stop to it themselves." Pooja Jhaveri (23), a marketing executive, too thinks concerts should never be bound by a code.

However, Enrique's actions did come as a bit of a surprise, admits Pooja. "But everybody seemed to take it lightly." Some, though, feel restraint is always better. Farah S (23), a manager, says, "Apart from the MTV generation, there are also older people."

The youth's verdict is out: just a little restraint, down with the code!

LOL it seems like some of E's antics raised an eyebrow or two, but it seems like tha majority of fans loved the show. I agree, I think a conduct code is unnecessary, Enrique doesn't do anything worse on stage than the stuff you see on TV on a daily basis. Its a concert, and people should realise that and use there own judgement.

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