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Postby admin » Wed Feb 13, 2002 7:54 pm

>> rosie: Back with enrique iglesias. And that was a lovely video with anna kournikova in there.

>> Yeah, it was fun.

>> Rosie: Did you know her? Are your friends with her?

>> No, the first time we ever met was for the video.

>> Rosie: Was it weird?

>> No, it was a lot of fun.

>> Rosie: Are you a fan of hers?

>> Yeah, definitely. I like tennis. I'm not pretty good, but i like tennis.

>> Rosie: Have you been watching the olympics?

>> No, i haven't.

>> Rosie: You've been on the road?

>> Yes.

>> Rosie: It's tough to do for you?

>> Yes.

>> Rosie: You miss home when you're on the road?

>> Sometimes i do. When i'm away more than a month, I do.

>> Rosie: We're neighbors. We live right near each other in miami, the most beautiful city in the country, i think.

>> I love miami.

>> Rosie: A great way for kids, i think, to grow up.

>> Good place for kid, good beaches.

>> Rosie: Right. Now, how's everything going in your family, with all your brothers? Good.

>> Everything an good. My brothers are good.

>> Rosie: Careers are doing great, too?

>> Yeah, and my sister just had a baby.

>> Rosie: Congratulations. First nephew?

>> Yeah, first time uncle.

>> Rosie: What's the baby name?

>> Alexander.

>> Rosie: And are you gonna totally spoil the kid?

>> Definitely.

>> Rosie: That's your job as an uncle.

>> Yes.

>> Rosie: How old are you, enrique?

>> I'm 25.

>> Rosie: 25?

>> 25 or 26. I say 25, but I'm really 26.

>> Rosie: You're really 26?

>> Yeah, i don't want to get any older.

>> Rosie: It gets better.

>> You think so?

>> Rosie: I think so. In your 20s, there's a lot happening, you're not as focused.

>> I think 21s perfect.

>> Rosie: You're doing all right. 26. That's not that old. I mean -- i'm -- i'm gonna be 40.

>> You are? Is that bad?

>> Rosie: In march -- 40, yeah. It's a lot.

>> It's not a lot.

>> Rosie: Not that much, but -- you sold out radio city in record time. Did they tell you how long it took?

>> I don't know.

>> Rosie: Seriously?

>> I know it sold out pretty fast.

>> Rosie: Radio city you sold out -- that's 6,000 seats in there, veven minutes.

[ Applause ]

>> that's good.

>> Rosie: How about that? That's got to feel amazing.

>> Yeah.

>> Rosie: Have you played there before?

>> No, i played madison --

>> rosie: Square garden --

>> last time. I never played radio city.

>> Rosie: You'll love it.

>> This tour's going so good, the album -- i'm so happy right now in my career.

>> Rosie: That song 'hero' is so beautiful. Came out at the perfect time.

>> Do you write a lot of stuff on the record?

>> Most of it, yeah.

>> Rosie: No kidding? Did you write that 'hero' song?

>> Yes.

>> Rosie: I'm always impressed when the singer is always the songwriter.

>> That's what i used to do, write songs. I was vever good in school. I could never sit down and write a report or read a book.

>> Rosie: Right.

>> Whenever i sat down to write a song, i could sit down and write for six hours. So i knew i could write --

>> rosie: Did you get good grades?

>> Is 2.0 bad?

>> Rosie: That's bad.

>> Yeah, well, i was 1.5.

>> Rosie: Did you know what i -- I tell this on the show. People think it's a joke. I had a 1.62 grade average in college. That's a d-minus.

>> I was pretty bad. You don't want to know my s.A.T. Scores.

>> Rosie: At least you took them. I didn't take them.

>> I got 600. They go, is that the math part? No that's all of it combined.

>> Rosie: You were destined for other things.

>> Hopefully.

>> Rosie: Did you feel a lot of pressure to follow in your dad's footsteps musicwise?

>> I never did. Musically, we're so different. When i was 18, i left my house, to toronto, canada, to live there for awhile. I was so much in my own little world, i never really had any pressure. I got lucky. I had the best job in the world. My first album did well and here i am now.

>> Rosie: What are you going to be doing, a play that's -- are you doing a play? No.

>> Oh, no, no, why?

>> Rosie: Somebody told me you were going to do a play.

>> Oh no.

>> Rosie: See, i don't know anything.

>> I'm just going to be doing the tour now.

>> Rosie: The tour. For how long?

>> I know what they were talking about, the play. That was something else.

>> Rosie: What will you be touring --

>> i'll be touring the u.S. March and april.

>> Rosie: And then europe?

>> Europe, the rest the worl

>> rosie: That's got to be exciting.

>> I love my band. I wish i could do an album, and go on tour, instead of having to do all the tv shows -- i don't mean that as a bad thing --

>> rosie: No, no, i know what you mean. Because then you just get to perform.

>> Now you're helping me out. I'm sorry --

>> rosie: No, no.

>> You know what i mean, you got to do tv shows, you got to wake up in the morning. This is the only show I like doings are you do it a lot. We appreciate it. Whenever you're on, i was telling enrique -- like today, i remembered you were on. I got out of the car with my baby and i entered the lobby and there's like 20 hysterical crying girls. I'm like, what, what? We got up at 3:00 in the morning and drove from delaware and there's not enough seats for us. Why, why, why? Every time you're on, there's the girls drive from all o the country.

>> I have great, great -- i don't deserve the kind of fans that i have. I really don'T.

[ Applause ]

>> rosie: Obviously, some of them made it in so --

[ laughter ] you're a delightful young man.

>> Thank you very much.

>> Rosie: I really enjoy you. We're going to play 'all about you' in the next segment? That's what comes from taking a percocet -- i took a little last night because it was hurting frankly i think it's still in my system. Because i look down, it says, playalall about you' which is a game. I thought, oh, he's doing a play.

[ Laughter ]

[ applause ] it's not you, enrique, totally me.

[ Laughter ] drugs are bad!

[ Laughter ] even ones the doctor gives you. But I'm telling you, my leg doesn't hurt anymore. We're going to play 'all about you' with enrique, after this commercial. 3disturbing discovery of animal mistreatment. These are two of dozens of rescued dogs.

What'll happen to them now.

And new information on local photoshop workers accused of taking topless pictures of young girls. Next on komo 4 news. 'First' for 'local' news.

>> rosie: So he's not doing a play, but we're about to play 'all about you.' Now, enrique, here's what we do. I ask you questions, you get 7 out of 10 right, the audience gets a t-shirt and a hat. All right?

[ Applause ] and if you get none right, the audience gets a t-shirt anyway.

[ Applause ] so don't feel any pressure whatsoever, okay? Question number one -- don't look.

>> No.

>> Rosie: Look at me. Don't look anywhere but me. What color socks are you wearing?

>> White.

>> Rosie: Now let me see.

>> They're white.

>> Rosie: There's a point for you. White socks. Okay. Where in manhattan did you work for charity on october 4th,

>> oh -- god -- mcdonald's.

>> Rosie: How did you throw your voice out there like that?

[ Applause ] those are some pretty intense groupies if they know where you were on october 4th and you don'T. Were you at the mcdonald's where he was? Yes. All right. If you don't know these, just call up to them. How many stitches did you get behind your ear after the water-skiing incident with the tree?

>> With the tree? I don't know, like around 34?

>> Rosie: Sorry, we can't give you credit. Let me check with your gallery. How many?

>> 48!

[ Laughter ]

>> rosie: They're correct.

[ Applause ] why don't you just rest here for this one, i'm just going to go right up there. Ladies, according to his official website, whose his favorite cartoon character?

>> Bugs b bunny?

>> Bugs bunny?

>> Rosie: Correct, bugs bunny. This one's for you. On which show did you make your american tv debut?

>> 'David letterman.'

>> Rosie: 'David letterman,' correct.

[ Applause ] let's see if they know this one. Who is the principal of his school in miami at the gulliver preparatory school? Who was his principal? And you call yourselves fans. Who was the principal?

>> I don't know.

>> Rosie: You don't know either? That could be good, it means you didn't get s sent to the office.

>> Actually I did.

>> Rosie: Well, you need three --

>> who was it?

>> Rosie: James williams. During the amas, you were the first person to do what?

>> To sing in spanish? No?

>> Rosie: In the audncnce?

>> No, to --

>> rosie: Perform in the audience?

>> Oh, perform in the audience.

>> Rosie: I'm going to give you that. You need two more. What does eglaze yasmine in english?

>> Church.

>> Rosie: Correct, church. I'm going to ask them this. In which country did 'bailamos' -- how do you say that?

>> That's good. 'Bailamos.'

>> Rosie: Triple platinum in what country? Look how mad they are? Do you see, they're yelling at me. Every country it went every country. Do you know what country it went triple platinum?

>> No, i don'T.

>> Rosie: Poland.

>> Oh, poland.

>> Rosie: Yeah. Okay, last but not least, what part of a girl most attracts you? Charming, wit, big irish head?

[ Applause ] no? What?

>> The butt?

>> Rosie: The butt?

>> Yeah, could it be the butt?

>> Rosie: You're the guy, you would know.

>> It's the butt.

>> Rosie: They said it was the feet.

>> The feet and the butt.

>> Rosie: The feet and the butt?

>> Yeah, the feet and the butt.

>> Rosie: Listen, the cd is doing amazingly well. There it is, 'escape.' Enrique. Good to see you, honey. We'll be back with kyra sedgwick right after this.Also be the target of a scam that can cost you thousands more.

>> Rosie: Just noticed was unbuttoned that whole interview. Scared the heck out of me. Our

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