Enrique Iglesias On TRL 2/20 Transcript

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Postby admin » Wed Feb 20, 2002 8:28 pm

>> carson: Wha'ssup? Wha'ssup with you? All right now the moment all these young ladies have been waiting for 3, 2 and 1 of the top 10. Be still my heart, without further ado man whose status has reached epic proportions here he is enrique iglesias.

>> carson: New york, here's enrique.

>> carson: Hey, it is amazing he actually kisses you; right

[inaudible] i know!

>> carson: All right. All right. All right


>> carson: You are so hands-on with the fans, it is unbelievable. You kiss them and touch and love.

>> You know

[inaudible] to be here. Every time i come out of the hotel and see a fan there waiting for me i just can't -- I'm sayin', what the hell are you doin' there waitin' for me?

>> Carson: How was your valentine's day.

>> I was rehearseing for the tour.

>> Carson: That was boring.

>> It was okay my band i did not do anything.

>> Carson: Talk about 'escape' do you like that, i think the up-tempo stuff really works

>> yeah.

>> Carson: All right. Come on. How do you think, do you think that the succession of something like 'hero' then 'escape' that sort of range is workin' or do you prefer one or the other?

>> I think what works is a good song, in matter a ballad or up-tempo. 'Escape' is one of those songs when you put it on in the car it brings you up.

>> Carson: When the song hits regaleless whether trl, say 'escape' you might perform it here or shows which do you get more pumped to do the up-tempo or down-tempo.

>> It depends. There are days i feel like singin' a ballad and days i feel like singin' an up-tempo. Last night was up-tempa.

>> Carson: We'll talk about that. Everything was up-tempo. He did the whole model thing we'll explain in a second

>> carson: I want to ta about your co-star in this, anna, i heard when she showed uphe had like a sooidz it on her lip and you did not want to kiss her. Is that true.

>> Is it true?

>> Carson: Is it true? Where did you hear it? Like the 'enquirer'.

>> That is not true. I kissed anna in a pile of manure or all kinds of herpes, i wouldn't even care.

>> Carson: Exactly. That's what i'm sayin'.

>> carson: You did what i 7 about lance from nsync.

>> Yeah, that's crazy.

>> Carson: What do you think about it.

>> I think that's great.

>> Carson: Would you ever honestly.

>> I mean it's great.

>> Carson: Would you take 6 months off your tours and career to go to a training facility and go to outerspace.

>> Nope!

>> Carson: Me, either.

>> Would you.

>> Carson: No it doesn't really -- i won't even sky-dive what would i do in outerspace twoymplts things eats the bands does not like him or really like him.

>> Carson: That's a profound point we'll have to take a poll and find out who is nsync's 'girlfriend' at no. 3 and more with enenrique after this video

>> carson: That's 'girlfriend' from nsync at 3. Standing next to me is enrique iglesias.

>> carson: Last night over at just a few blocks away from here one of the greatest things i think we do at this channel is a show called 'fashionbly loud' every year where music and models come together, fast that doesn't happen anywhere else but were you the performer last night. How did that go as we look at some of the footage, how hot are these girls?

>> Oh, the girls ...

>> Carson: This is right up enrique's alley; right?

>> Yeah, right. I've never seen so many girls in my life! I mean, it was hard to cons trailt --.

>> Carson: It's got to be distracting when you are trying to sing a song look at that and do the girls, i imagine do they come to your dressing room back stage and want to meet you.

>> No, they do not. No they don't. I wish! No, they don't. You probably get more play than i do.

>> Carson: Please. You want to bet.

>> You are carson daly.

>> Carson: You are enrique iglesias, are you kiddin' me

>> you know you always play like you don't get any play.

>> Carson: -- Like little dance is two minutes you take flocks home.

>> I've seen carson -- like three times out and he's always surrounded by blondes.

>> Carson: Oh, please!

>> Always.

>> Carson: Then somehow they all end up this enrique's videos, don't know how that happens.

>> Ha-ha.

>> Carson: It's like, uh, i'm casting for him or something. I don't know what the deal s. All right. I want to talk about your tour and radio city after this quick break, the backstreet announcement and more with enrique iglesias right here on trl

>> carson: We're hangin' o with enrique iglesias. And the top two videos comin' up momentarily. We'll give you news about his tour, too. Hey, uh, now what's the next video?

>> The next, don't know.

>> Carson: Do you know yet.

>> No, i don't know.

>> Carson: Will you look for a leading lady in the next video

>> carson: Was it is a that

[inaudible] maybe not.

>> I don't know. What song did you say.

>> Carson: Is it a song that will warrant a hot chick.

>> I don't know it depends, you know.

>> Carson: We thought we might help you out. We had our studio audience take ballots and narrowed down to the top 5 hot leading ladies they thinkould be good in your next video do you want to see the results you voted at no. 5 jennifer aniston. 4% of the votes how would she do.

>> Great, as any guy would know.

>> Carson: No. 4 was stiffler's mom. % Of the votes.

>> carson: That would make a hell of a premiere. 3 was the dark angel jessica alba, that got 11% of the votes. No. 2 was oh, this would be great, miss piggy

[cheering] you already had her and no. 1 is katie holmes, 23% of your votes.

>> all right!

>> Carson: What do you think about that one.

>> They are all beautiful.

>> Carson: All right. Let me get to this, you know he sold out here in new york radio city which imamagine is a special place to play in 5 minutes.

>> I know it was pretty fast.

>> Carson: Your tickets went like --.

>> The tour is doing so -- guys, thank you so much.

>> Carson: His tour starts

[inaudible] get dates on mtv.Com. Maybe we'll g out together sometime and really pull the chicks.

>> Yes, sir.

>> Carson: Enrique iglesias and here is no. 2 which is 'escape' which works out well. You are at 2 today.

>> Ooh




>> carson: (Humming) that is 'escape' no. 2 from enrique starring in 'fashionbly loud' check that out tomorrow night. Thanks to him for stopping by, awfully nice

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