Enrique Iglesias On Last Call With Carson Daly

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Postby admin » Sat Jun 29, 2002 5:59 am

>> Carson: All right, welcome back. We're here with enrique iglesias. Good to have your here, man.

>> It's enrique.

>> Carson: Enrique. Did I ruin it? Dii butcher it?

>> Oh, no, you sound good.

>> Carson: You know, we had landon donovan, from team usa, on.

>> Yes.

>> Carson: Last night. Are you into the world cup?

>> Of course, I love soccer. Football. I call it 'football.'

>> Carson: Right. In spain, that's --

>> Spain lost.

>> Carson: They lost. How do you feel about that?

>> I got up at 2:30 to watch it, I mean, they should have won. It was a completely stolen match.

>> Carson: Have you been -- you probably don't go --

>> It was, I think. I don't know if anybody watched it.

[ Applause ] Spain lost. You don't know anything about soccer?

>> Carson: No, no. Football.

>> It's for the feet.

>> Carson: Yeah, I told donovan, 'you know, we should speed it up a little bit.' You know, one goal in 90 minutes. We need cheerlears. We need like a dj. I said, 'you should drop three balls in, one should explode.'

>> In europe, if you call it soccer, it's football.

>> Carson: But it's crazy how popular it is. Especially in europe.

>> Well, it's the biggest sport in the world outside america.

>> Carson: You played a lot, right?

>> I played when I was little. But I got chicken legs. I usually got my butt kicked.

>> Carson: Oh, really? I want to talk about your tour. You're going to be here in the states.

>> Yes, in september and october.

>> Carson: Well, that's good.

[ Applause ] I want to mention, I had the pleasure of interviewing enrique several times, and he's got just the greatest band and singers. They're all very nice.

[ Cheers and applause ] Talented people.

>> These guys --

>> Carson: Nobody ever mentions -- it's always about enrique.

[ Laughter ] Nobody every mentions -- these guys are awesome.

>> If it wasn't for em --

>> Carson: It's part of the show.

>> I mean, they are the show. All of us as one, you know, if not, there would be no show.

>> Carson: I want to ask you -- you're going to do a song, 'one night stand' for us.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> It's not rehearsed, so just --

>> Carson: That's cool, though. Yeah, don't worry about it. It's new york, forget about it. It's late anyway, no one cares. People at home right now, drinking nyquil probably wondering what's going on. But you're known for obviously having the beautiful women in the videos. I'm dying to know, who's going to be the girl in the 'one night stand' video.

>> Well, I don't know. I don't even know if it's going to be a single.

[ Laughter ] I'm not known for having beautiful women in the video.

>> Carson: Well, sure you are.

>> I've done two videos with two beautiful women and suddenly it's, 'oh, you always have beautiful women in your videos.'

>> Carson: Well, they're really beautiful women. You've done a bunch of 'em.

>> Well, they were paid, it's not like I -- I mean, you know what I mean. It was business.

>> Carson: Yeah, yeah, it's business. It was bid-ness. Anyway, it's just great to have you here. Congratulations. 'Escape' is the record. If you don't have it, pick it up. The tour is in september. Ladies and gentlemen, here's enrique iglesias and 'one night stand.'

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