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Postby lyna » Tue Jan 16, 2001 11:13 pm

(Katrillion) -- Michael Cuccione, the 'cute one' in MTV's boy-band spoof '2gether,' has died of respiratory failure.

Cuccione, 16, died Saturday night in a hospital in his hometown of Vancouver, Canada. The teen, who played 'QT' on the show, had been unable to breathe without a respirator for weeks, following a car accident he was in with his mother.

Cuccione had been diagnosed in 1994 with Hodgkins disease, a cancer that attacks the lymph glands. Thanks to intense treatment, the singer/actor had been cancer-free for years. But the chemotherapy that cured Cuccione also left his lungs weak, according to family members.

The teen formed the Michael Cuccione foundation in 1996, to help raise cancer awareness and funds. His efforts reportedly raised over $250,000 for B.C. Children Hospital, where he died days after his sixteenth birthday.

'Michael will be remembered for his talents, his gifts as a singer, musician, songwriter and actor, but most of all for his tremendous will to live and his infectious smile,' MTV said in a statement.

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