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MTV.com has a live version of 'Keep Away' available for you to download for free. mtv.com/sendme.tin?page=/mtv/tubescan/mtv2/http://www.mtv.com/sendme.tin?page=/mtv/tubescan/mtv2/

Here's a link to the Godsmack showcase at Musicplex.com, featuring video, audio, and tour dates for the band.

Rolling Stone is also holding a contest that any true Godsmack fan has got to check out. The winner receives:
Trip for two to Chicago to see GODSMACK IN CONCERT on April 4th.
An invitation to an exclusive ROLLINGSTONE.COM INTERVIEW with members of Godsmack. Not only could you sit in on the interview, but YOU get to ask the band the first question!
PREMIERE SEATING at the concert on April 4th. The winner will be hanging out at the soundboard (off-stage) and checking out the show.
To enter, go to: rollingstone.com/contests/godsmack/default.asphttp://www.rollingstone.com/contests/godsm...ack/default.asp

Here's a really cool Godsmack E-Card that you can send to all of your online friends.
godsmack.com/ecard/tour.exehttp://www.godsmack.com/ecard/tour.exe (PC)
godsmack.com/ecard/tour.hqxhttp://www.godsmack.com/ecard/tour.hqx (MAC)

And don't forget to join the Godsmack Online Steet Team at: egroups.com/group/GodsmackAWAKEhttp://www.egroups.com/group/GodsmackAWAKE

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