Have any of you met O-Town?

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Postby Dayzee » Wed Mar 28, 2001 7:54 pm

Don't be jealous but I was lucky enough to meet them a couple of times back in Jan and Feb here in Florida. A really good friend of mine is friends with Erik and he is helping her get started. They are really nice guys.

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Postby HotStuff113 » Mon Apr 16, 2001 3:29 pm

my friend met them, and ashley had a crush on her lol! he pinched her butt thinking he would never see her again, and then he met her!! and he was in his boxers, and he said he was really embarrassed. then, he found out that she was only 13!! he gave her his sn and he called her too. she gave me his sn, so i've talked to him on AIM before, and he's REALLY sweet!

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Postby JustinsGApeach » Sun Apr 29, 2001 1:10 pm

i've never met them but i was about 7 feet away at one of their concerts...lol....pathetic , i know

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