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Postby Reservoir Dogg » Fri Apr 13, 2001 6:46 pm

Who's heard JT Money's new joint 'Hi-Lo'? I be bangin' that ish all the time cause it's off the chain!
The album 'Blood, Sweat, and Years' is suppossed to hit stores on May 1. I can hardly wait because I know it's gonna be tight. You can get all the latest info on JT at his website: jtmoney.comhttp://www.jtmoney.com
A friend of mine also told me about this link to a cool JT Money e-card that you should check out.
jtmoney.com/extras/jt_flashcard.exehttp://www.jtmoney.com/extras/jt_flashcard.exe (PC)
jtmoney.com/extras/jt_flashcard.sithttp://www.jtmoney.com/extras/jt_flashcard.sit (Mac)
If anybody else has heard 'Hi-Lo' let me know what you think about it. One.

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