any 'underground' music?

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JonQ 27
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Postby JonQ 27 » Sat Jul 07, 2001 3:03 am

does anybody here like artists or bands, any genre of music, that isnt mainstream and popular? some people label it 'underground music.'

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Postby soccerdude108 » Mon Jan 06, 2003 1:10 pm

You should check out Kazzer and Albino Spiders.

Kazzer's site is but I can't remember AS site right now.

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Postby jc<3crack » Wed Jan 08, 2003 1:43 pm

A lot of today's popular punk bands started off underground but gave into the power of the almighty dollar. It sucks :(

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Postby renee » Sun Feb 09, 2003 2:57 am

ck out soulfly......

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