LL On Last Call With Carson Daly

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Postby admin » Tue Feb 05, 2002 5:04 am

carson: Hey, what's up? I'm carson daly. Welcome to 'last call.' My guest tonight has won three grammys, three naacp awards, ten soul train awards -- countless awards, actually. He's also appeared in 17 movies and starred in his own tv show. But one thing, at least tonight, that interests me is this passage from his autobiography, and I quote -- 'my favorite was taking a shower curtain, spreading it smooth-side-up on the bed and pouring a bottle of baby oil on it. That made for some crazy, slippery, bugged-out sex.' Say hi to the one and only ll cool J.

[ Cheers and applause ] what's up, man.

>> Very funny.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> carson: There's a lot of 'em in the book.

>> Yeah.

>> Carson: Ll cool j's got a book out -- 'i make my own rules.' It's been out.

>> Yeah, it's been out for two years no a couple years.

>> Carson: We read a lot about musician's having an addiction with, like, drugs and alcohol.

>> Right.

>> Carson: But for you, it was sex.

>> Yeah, you know.

>> Carson: This is back in the day.

>> You know, in retrospect, I don't even know if it was an addiction. I just think i liked it a lot.

>> Carson: Yeah. Lalaughter ] how do you know?

>> Ectly. That's why i don't think it was an addiction. I think I just liked it a lot. You know, I don't know. You know?

>> Carson: Not that I'm trying to gauge myself from you, but I'm trying to figure out, you know, if a guy is in trouble --

>> i don't know. I mean, how many times a day do people think about sex? The average person? I'm not in your brain, so i don't know. Like --

>> carson: But what about you?

>> If I'm thinking about it 99 times and you're thinking about it five times, maybe i'm a weirdo. But if i'm thinking about it 99 times and you're thinking about it 95, then I don't know. And you may be thinking about it 150 times. I don't know. I mean, how many times do you guys think about it?

>> Carson: Oh, don't shout out at crazy number.

[ Laughter ] please.

>> Those guys are getting defensivin the audience.

>> Carson: Right.

>> 'Not talking to me.'

>> Carson: How did you use at least that -- and I would imagine it was back in the day, when you're on top of your game and everything is at your disposal. It's a green light in life -- something that we might worry about with some young musicians today. How did that affect your music, at least?

>> Well, you know, creative energy is creative energy. And, you know, the more you can contain it and channel it into something good, something that -- not that sex is bad, but the more you can channel it into something that's gonna be more positive for you and better for you in the long run, the better you'll be. So, it's all creative energy. So, you know, a lot of times it would be like I just jump up and write a song, or, you know --

>> carson: Right.

>> Anything.

>> Carson: No drugs.

>> No, no, no, no.

>> Carson: No alcohol.

>> No. I mean, I've experimented in life with a lot of things. I mean, I'm not -- I'm not a priest and i'm not up here running for office, you know.

>> Carson: Right.

>> But at the same time --

>> carson: I'd vote, by the way.

>> Thank you. Thank you.

[ Scattered applause ] you know, at the same time, I think that you -- it's good to lead a clean life. And it's okay to stay away from the drugs. It ain't gonna make you corny.

>> Carson: You were somebody in hip-hop that never intentionally took violence and glorified it, lyrically.

>> No.

>> Carson: How do you feel about people today that blatantly do it? Do you have an opinion on it?

>> I don't know if they glorify -- I mean, people say what they feel. And I don't have the right to judge them, you know, regardless of whether I ululd want, you know, my kid to hear it, your kid or somebody out here to hear it. I mean, people have the right to say what they want to say. And quite honestly, a lot of the music i like, now -- whether or not i think it's the healthiest thing for, you know, an 8-year-old coming out of elementary school to hear about somebody's head gettin' split open 15 times a day, all day long. Is that cool? Not really. Let's keep it real. But at the same time, I like to listen to it in my car and it's cool. But I can differentiate between fantasy and real life. So, you know, I guess it's up to the parents to be parents, huh?

>> Carson: Absolutely. Take me back in the day, though. Things were different for you. You had to earn your respect and you had to prove it. Most of the battles or beefs were at least kept on wax. Since, it's gotten a little tragic. But there was only like one or two world champions, let's say. Today, one kid comes out and he's rappin' about everything that he has. And there's like -- it's like boxing. There's so many -- everybody's claiming to be the best. How do you feel about that?

>> Well, first, I think that the only way really to earn respect is to give it. You know? You can't -- if you walk around waiting for people to earn your respect or waiting -- or trying to earn others' respect, it will never happen. You have to give respect in order to, you know, rereceive it. As far as people saying that they're the best -- I mean, you have the right to be confident. And they should be confident in what they do. You can't be successful unless you're confident. But, you know, as far as being arrogant -- that'll destroy you in the long run, but being confident is cool. So, you know, as f a as other artists are concerned, and them being successful and doing well -- I think it's cool. I think that it's great that, you know, guys believe in themselves and believe in what they're doing.

>> Carson: Right.

>> You know, i wish 'em all the best.

>> Carson: Who do you think has the staying power to last? Anybody come to mind that you think is gonna have a long, long career?

>> I mean, you know -- there are a lot of people from the outside that I could point to, but I don't know. I mean, I don't know if --

>> carson: Who do you like? Or what do you listen to?

>> On a lot of different levels, I mean -- you know, obviously, i like some of the guys that passed away. I mean, you know, they were great artists to me. I really enjoyed listening to biggie. I thought that he was a lot of fun to listen to. I really -- I really dug him, you know?

>> Carson: Right.

>> As far as new artists -- I think there's a lot of talent out there, you know. I think ja rule is talented. I think what he does is real cool. I think that -- I think ludicrous is, like, you know, interesting. You know what I'm saying? It does something a little different. You know what I'm saying. And I like him for that. You know, I like him for that reason.

>> Carson: Do you like eminem?

>> Yeah, i like eminem. I think he has, like, you know, a lot of wit, a lot of creativity, a lot of -- you know, a lot of sarcasm that works well for him.

>> Carson: Right. Is it confident or arrogant?

>> I don't know, because it's a rap record. You know, I don't know. I don't know him as a person. You know. I can't gauge that. I mean, on records, I mean, that's another thing altogether. But when we talk about lifestyle -- you know, that's when the confidence and the arrogance thing becomes a problem. I like -- there's a lot of people out there, man.

>> Carson: All right. Sit tight. We're gonna have more with ll cool j, right after this.

[ Cheers and applause ] there's lots more to talk about in music when it comes to this guy, so -- we'll hit the hot topics, right after this, with ll on 'last call.'

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> carson: Oh, yeah. We are back with the one and only ll cool j.

>> Yeah, yeah.

>> Carson: So good to have you. Let's talk about 'rollerball' for a second. This movie's crazy and there's a really bizarre parallel with what's going on in television today, which we can get to. Tell us about it, first of all. And it seems extremely -- I know you got hurt during the --

>> yeah, oh, it was a lot of crazy stuff happening. Actually, the owner of the team -- this futuristic sport, callerollerball -- the owner of the team is setting people up to basically -- well, it's possible that he's setting people up to get killed on the tra so the ratings will get through the roof. But we're not sure and we're trying to figure it out. And there's a lot of crazy stuff that happens. I mean, the stunts are just wild. I had one scene where I had to save this young lady -- I had to jump over a ramp and come down on the bike, grab a girl, snatch off the bike -- the bike is on fire, it got hooked on my boot.

>> Carson: And you're doing this yourself?

>> Yeah?

>> Carson: Where's your agent, going 'excuse me, where's thll stand-in?'

>> I'm an idiot. I'm an absolute fool

>> carson: Why? Why would you want to do that yourself?

>> Because my ego got the best of me. Testosterone was flowing, and I thought I could do it.

[ Laughter ]

[ cheers and applause ] I couldn't do it.

>> Carson: 'Arrogant, not confident.'

>> Absolutely. That's why my leg was at 6:00.

>> Carson: What'd you do to your ankle?

>> My ankle was just -- I was just twisted up. I was like -- it was nasty. It got a little nasty.

>> Carson: All right.

>> Liquid flames --

>> carson: Let's watch some of this.

>> This is actually the scene it happened in.

>> Carson: Oh, really?

>> Yeah. Check it out.

>> Carson: Let's watch ll's mangled ankle -- a scene from 'rollerball.'

>> Yeah, yeah. Check it out.

[ Motorcycle revving]

>> carson: Get a stunt man.

[ Cheers and applause ] it's weird, though, because this rollerball -- and this show -- this movie was probably written, I don't know, four years ago, maybe. Or whenever it was written -- about this extreme sport on television. And the producers get in, 'cause they realize that every time somebody gets hurt, the ratings just jack up. And now, we have shows like 'the chamber,' and, you know, the chair with fire and ice. It's -- 'r're almost at the point where 'rollerball' might get spun off into a tv show or something.

>> There's no telling. I mean, you know -- I would hope that people won't have to -- you know, we don't have to straight up eat other people on tv to get ratings.

>> Carson: Right, where can we go from here?

>> It's no telling, man, at this point. You know, that 'faces of death' tape that's been circulating underground for years. People are like, 'yo, did you see this?

[ Laughter ]

>> carson: That was my favorite one, actually.

>> Everybody here's going -- and that was horrible, so it's only getting crazier from here.

>> Carson: But have we gone too far with this whole reality, sensationalism, in your opinion? I mean, there's a ceiling to it, 'cause we can't watch humans eat humans. Rent the movie 'alive.'

>> I agree. If a grown man wants to go on television and just about roast himself to death for $25,000, i might watch.

>> Carson: I might watch it, too. I gotta be honest with you.

>> I might wch, but I wouldn't encourage it, you know? I wouldn't encourage it.

>> Carson: Every time I'm with you, I love just throwing stuff off you. I think you have a great opinion on just a lot of different things. I want people -- i want to just bounce some thin o off of you.

>> Okay.

>> Carson: Like I was just reading about this whole mike tyson thing is out of control. Did you see the lennox -- did you think it was real, 'a'?

[ Laughter ]

>> do I think it was real?

>> Carson: Yeah.

>> Absolutely, it was real. Definitely.

>> Carson: It looked like the left tyson threw on lennox's bodyguard -- it looked like it missed, but then --

>> he missed. He's missed in fights. It ain't the first time. But, you know, i think it was real. But, you know -- I mean, people get upset. Things happen. Maybe the bodyguard should have just relaxed a little and let mike pose with lennox. Maybe they wouldn't have went there.

>> Carson: 'Cause mike used to come out to your music.

>> Yeah.

>> Carson: So how do you feel about him representing you when he comes out to fight?

>> Hey, publishin' is publishin'. Go ahead and do it, baby.

[ Laughter ]

>> carson: Even -- even if he's going around --

[ lauger ] the guy did time for rape!

>> No, no. I know what you're saying. Look, I wasn't in the room with mike. I don't know what he's done. I really don't know. I mean, I see what he does in public, but you know what?

>> Carson: Honestly, he seems a little crazy when we watch hihim. Did you see what he was saying to that reporter?

>> He was upset. He was definitely upset. My man --

>> carson: At least!

>> He has some issues. He was upset. You know. We've all, you know, kicked a chair or two. I don't know.

>> Carson: I'm not trying to judge him either. I'm just trying to figure out what you think we should do with him. Should he be able to box?

>> Should he be able to box?

>> Carson: Yeah.

>> Yes. Yes.

[ Applause ] and you know what? You know what?

>> Carson: Will you fight him?

[ Laughter ]

>>>> in a movie.

>> Carson: You'd probabldo your own stunts, too.

>> In a movie. I'd do it in a movie.

>> Carson: You've learned nothing. That is not good, the broken ankle.

>> You know, we want to let mike do his thing. I don't want to box mike. I don't want him rappin' against me. We're gonna keep it all fun and games. Let him do his thing. You know, he can do that with lennox, but keep it movin

>> carson: Let's talk music -- go back to music for a second. In the rock format, we see often -- they get real political. You know, whether it's u2 or rage against the machine -- they have a cause.

>> You don't want mike to box, do you?

>> Carson: No, i'm a huge tyson fan.

[ Laughter ]

>> i can tell. You like, 'you know what? It's over, man. It's a wrap!'

>> Carson: I have my opinion, but I am a huge fan. When he lost, I mean, I was losing it. I was so upset when he lost to buster douglas.

>> Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, i know what you mean.

>> Carson: Did you see buster on that -- he was on the 'sports illustrated' cover, like, a year later. He was, like, two pounds less than detroit. I like dominance in sports, but there seems to me there's a line, and he seems like he might be losing. I'm nervous for him.

>> Leave the public alone.

>> Carson: Right. I'm nervous he's watching right now.

[ Laughter and applause ] 'what's up, mike?' Did I ever tell you the first time i ever met mike tyson? I ran into him, literally, at an mtv party in bryant parks here in new york. And I bumped him really quickly, and I turned around and looked like i would say, 'i'm sorry.' And for a second, I saw it was mike tyson. And I said, 'i am gonna say something to this man right now. I'm a huge fan.' Almost like when you're at a strip club, and you think you can have a moment with the girl.

[ Laughter ] same sort of mentality. And I said, 'right now is my chance.'

>> 'You'll like me. I'm different.'

>> Carson: I am gonna say something to this man, mike tyson, that he -- profound statement to him. I thought for three seconds. I put my hand on his enormous bicep and said, 'hey, champ.'

[ Laughter ] that's the best I could come up with. What a jackass. He said --

[ in high pitch ] 'hey, man, nice to see you, too.'

[ Laughter and applause ] come on. How come in hip-hop, they don't get political?

>> Political?

>> Carson: Political. Like the rock people like to take up aisissue and champion it.

>> Well, no. I mean, to be political -- I mean, chuck was very political, chuck d. Of public enemy. He is very political. I mean, he comes from a different era of hip-hop, but he was a very political character. That's one that was very political.

>> Carson: Since that time --

>> there's a lot of groups out there that are political, isn't there?

>> Carson: Yeah, i think so. Lyrically -- I'm talking like, when i go to a show --

>> mtv all day long? Is that who you talking about?

[ Laughter ]

>> carson:N n sync, the most politically conscious group out. 'Hit me, baby, one more time' is about, i don't know what. Knocking off --

[ laughter ] no, it's not.

>> It sounds like some oval office hijinks.

>> Carson: You like justin timberlake, right?

>> Yeah, absolutely.

>> Carson: What is it about him you like?

>> I think that he is soulful. I think that record, 'gone,' is hot. That's a hot joint.

>> Carson: I think you're a hot friend.

>> My man.

>> Carson: L.L. Cool j.

>> I'll tell mike to set us up.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> carson: Please, do. Go out and see 'rollerball.' When we get back, we're gonna sit down with actress zoe saldana next after this.

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