Fred Durst On Last Call With Carson Daly

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Postby admin » Thu Feb 07, 2002 5:06 am

welcome to the show, dude. Good to have you here.
>> What?!

[ Sustained cheers ] that's who i'm talking to, right up there. That's what matters. Who's that up there?

>> Carson: That's the vip section. Who's that up there?

>> That is the vip section, man.

>> Carson: You got your boys here?

>> Man, those are actually people i paid to come here and hook it up.

[ Cheers and applause ] I'm kidding. I'm kidding.

>> Carson: It's good to have you on, man.

>> This is a very cool experience.

>> Carson: Every time I talk with fred durst, we're either on the set of 'trl,' or we're drunk at a bar. We start talking about women and how we have bad luck.

>> Or we're very drunk doing karaoke.

>> Carson: Oh, yeah. That's not good.

>> That's not good.

>>Arson: Our third segment was gonna be us drunk doing karaoke, but you nixed it.

>> I haven't been drinking a long time, though.

>> Carson: What's up with that? You quit drinking?

>> Yeah.

>> Carson: Why?

>> You know, the whole thing. The whole september 11th thing. I did a lot of thinking and got really grateful to be alive and figure i might as well make this experience last as long as i can.

>> Carson: September 11th happened, and at mtv, we were trying to put a show together. And you know, obviously, there was so much drama here in new york. I didn't want to do a show. I didn't want to do 'trl' in particular 'cause i thought there was no -- nothing significant about playing music videos. I felt this big in comparison with what the country was going through. And you called in. We did piece together a show, asked some friends of the show to call in, and you were nice enough to t that. And I was talking to a whole new fred that day. Remember when we talked?

>> Yeah, man, it was very -- I mean, I don't know. It really affected me. Did it affect you guys, like, majorly?

>> Carson: Yeah. Hell, yeah, it affected me. I had m-14s flying over -- I saw it from my apartment in new york.

>> That's unbelievable.

>> Carson: I mean, i woke up and saw one on fire, went on my balcony and saw number two get hit. I was profoundly moved. But what struck me about our conversation with you was that there's this whole thing about fred durst. If you ask somebody, you know, 'do you know fred?' You get one of two answers. You get, 'yeah, I know him. I love him like a brother.' Or you get, 'no, i f'ing hate him.'

>> Yeah.

[ Light laughter ]

>> carson: Why?

>> There's no gray area.

>> Carson: Nobody ever says, 'yeah, he's all right.' I don't know. It's either you're a straight shooter, or people think you're difficult. What do you think?

>> It's probably a little of both. I think the people who don't understand me probably do think i'm difficult. And the people who understand me realize I'm a straight shooter. I just believe in putting everything up front and not hiding anything and not having a hidden agenda and really being you. And I think at the end of the day, a lot of people who aren't being themselves are mad at people who are being themselves. That'll all go away one day. You know, and you'll see the light. I justavave to stay true to being fred durst. This redneck, just this kid from a dirt road that just came from nothing. Right now, i have a lot of things, and i'm very grateful for it.

>> Carson: Is that post-9/11 gratefulness, or is that a newfound philosophy?

>> No, i've always been really grateful, and I've always been a fan who got lucky enough to be on the other side of the fence. I always do everything what i think a fan would love, like the free concerts and staying after the show to sign every single autograph, and always be hanging out with real people. That's what I feel like I would want a celebrity, a rock star, or somebody in a band to do if i was a fan hanging out. You know, I'm waiting backstage behind the building.

>> Carson: Right, you remember what it's like when you were there.

>> Yeah, you know, wng and the guy go directly into the tour bus. Instead of --

>> carson: Taking a second.

>> Yeah, these people are standing here, and all they want is to meet you, and that's pretty unbelievable 'cause it's a big difference from washing dishes at pizza hut to people wanting your autograph.

>> Carson: You gave me a great analogy when we were talking on, I guess it was like the 12th or the 13th. We were on the air, and you were on the phone. You were visibly moved and obviously shaken, and I think like me and the rest of the country had sort of filed mental chapter 11, if you will, reprioritizing. And one thing I got from you is, 'you know what? From now on, i'm not gonna sweat the small [ bleep ] anymore, you know?' That's what I got from you.

>> Yeah.

>> Carson: And prior to that, it was like fred durst was in the middle of every controversy. It was you and i in the eminem/christina thing. It could be the scott thing from creed. Every time there was some drama, your name was attached.

>> Yeah.

>> Carson: And then post-9/11, were you gonna try to put all that stuff -- did you call scott from creed and say, 'look, man, forget all this drama, let's do something positive or fix it'?

>> No, man. I just had a reality check with how petty these things could be that we spend so much energy focusing on in causing this negativeness inside of us when the bigger picture is just so much more important. I mean, I don't want to sound like some guy that turned into some, you know, birkenstock-wearing, rainforest, live forever, guy.

[ Laughter ]

>> carson: That was my roommate in college. He's an ass. I know that guy.

>> I know.

>> Carson: But i mean how, like, literal did you change after --

>> i really thought to myself, I was like, 'i saw people murdered.'

>> Carson: Right.

>> Murdered in front of my face, like, live on tv. And we're all watching, and it was just out of hatred. And it was just, like, wow, I'm sitting here. So i spoke my mind one day because of the way this singer of this band treated me. I still love the band and the music, but i said that, and it was just petty for me to just feel that way. I could have just soaked it up and said, 'you know, maybe he's like that. Just forget about it.' But I didn't, and when other people attack me, I let it get to me and I let it faze me. I'm thinking, 'you know, that's really small, small beans in this huge, gigantic picture which is life.' We gotta really stick together right now. We're like human beings who really need each other, and dying is the last thing i wanna think about. Seeing other people die, innocent people, and just anybody, man. I just think let's just be stoked to be here right now.

>> Carson: But this sounds like a very -- I don't know, that sounds cheap. It sounds like a new fred durst, if you will. Maybe you were a bit short-tempered. You had sort of a microphilosophy. Somebody said something, you were quick to react to it. And now, you understand the macroscale of life. It does transcend music. It transcends what you and i do, and you're maybe more patient now. Is that true or not?

>> I think there's a new filter put on the reaction sensor in my brain. That's it. I think a new door.

>> Carson: You have a new frame of reference now.

>> Yeah. It was like ineaead of reacting the way I usually do, which is i was born that way, and i was raised that way. Whatever happened in my life to make me me, that's me. And the chemicals inside of me, not the chemicals I put inside of me, but just my balance, period. Now maybe I'm just like when i come, instead of reacting or instead of just speaking out too quick --

>> carson: Because of september 11th.

>> Yeah, just because of, man, I just walk around every day going, 'man, it's another day.'

>> Carson: Maybe it's just since you quit drinking, too.

>> No, i didn't drink that much, man.

>> Carson: That's what i'm saying. I don't know why you said you quit. You never even really started.

>> Well, i quit because it makes me feel like [ bleep ] the next day.

[ Laughter ]

>> carson: Yeah. That makes sense, at least. You have to perform. You put on a kick-ass show.

>> Oh, man. I've performed so many times really feeling like I was gonna die.

>> Carson: Did you ever not know the words to a song 'cause you were so hungover? Have you ever screwed up a show if you drank too much the night before?

>> No, i've actually -- whenever i'm so hungover and I'm at a show and I'm so stuck in a moment where I'm dying.

>> Carson: You're dying. Like sweating.

>> I'm so happy that you guys are there. Because I --

[ ugughter ] you know the words.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> carson: We gotta take a break. We'll be right back. More with fred durst on 'last call' right after this.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> carson: Welcome back to 'last call.' Fred durst is our guest. Obviously, limp bizkit is in the process of looking for a new guitar player. Tell me a little bit about that when wes came to you and said, 'that's it, I'm done.' Were you like, 'uh-oh, that's the end of us,' or 'uh-oh, we need to find a new guitar player'?

>> We were already in the processf f getting ready to reinvent for our fourth album, anyway.

>> Carson: I mean get rid of him?

>> No, no, just go to a new level and, like, for longevity, and just head to another place because I think, you know, we just needed musically to go to another level. You know when you guys get a band that you like and the first record, you might like it, the second. And one of their records is gonna throw you off. And you're like, 'oh, man, I don't know.' So we didn't want to do that, but we wanted you to keep growing with us. So that's kind of where we were going. And wes, iththe same time, was, I guess, ready to grow and go somewhere else. So we just took it as a sign because we believe everything happens for a reason.

>> Carson: Right.

>> And we want wes to be really happy, but you know what? We're only gonna make a record ten times better than anything we've ever done before in our lives.

>> Carson: And tell me about the search for a new guitar player. I know you're close to the fans. You've almost opened it up to cities across the country, and you're auditioning regular, real-life guitar players. That must be like going out on a million blind dates.

>> That's exactly what it's like.

>> Carson: You don't know what you're getting.

>> It's already been like going out on 2,500 blind dates.

>> Carson: But you know from the first note, 'no, next.'

>> You know, when you meet somebody there's just that chemistry.

>> Carson: What are you looking for? It's n a a replacement of wes, but what does this next phase of limp need in a guitar player?

>> Everything.

>> Carson: Like a tom morella? Like somebody that feels it?

>> Someone that can, like, right here, we can be jamming. And say one day we're feeling some crazy vibe, and we're ripping out something like, that's like, you would be in a tl l category. Or the next day, we're playing something that would go in the cure category. And the next day, we're playing something that just goes into ridiculous, crazy pantera category. The next day, we're just, like, hanging out with meth, and we're chillin' with redman, and we're like, this is what we feel like doing. And somebody who has that --

>> carson: Right. Have you found anybody yet?

>> No way.

>> Carson: Not even close? How many people have you watched?

>> A lot.

>> Carson: And has anybody come close that you were like -- has anybody blown you away?

>> You know, there's been some really talented people. And everybody's really competent with what they do and courageous, and that to me says a lot about a person. They would even come out. There's been stuff i found that i think could be amazing for other projects i'm working on 'flawless.' Like, when we were doing 'puddle of mud' and working on that. And doing what i do with the business hat on. But there's nothing that limp bizkit has found that's gonna take us to that next level. We are not looking for another wes boreland, because he's great at what he did. And he's the only one.

>> Carson: Well, we have a few people here that just wanna play, not that this is an audition. But this is joe. What's up, joe? Joe's from brooklyn.

[ Cheers and applause ] go ahead, joe. Go ahead.

>> Carson: All right, so that's a different style. Nice work, joe.

[ Cheers and applause ] so let me talk about joe for a second. How many people have come to you with an acoustic guitar for an audition?

>> I'd say about --

>> carson: What percentage?

>> About 15%.

>> Carson: Not a lot?

>> Not a lot. And I really happen to really love acoustic music.

>> Carson: So maybe people watching -- more people should come at you with something --

>> oh, i don't know. You know, more people should come in, not thinking that, 'whoa, this is limp bizkit, and there's notorious for this, or they've done this.' And they come in, and it's on ten the whole time. And coming in and ripping out solos and just being super heavy. We have those layers, but I would come in and try to do something and show a side of you with a song or something that just has more diversity.

>> Carson: Are they singing full songs, or are they just playing guitar?

>> We give them a minute. You know, one minute, and you can do whatever you can do. I can do a lot in a minute.

>> Carson: Yeah? What can you do in a minute?

>> I can squeeze one out in a minute.

[ Laughter ]

[ cheers and applause ]

>> carson: Emily, you ready? All right. This is emily from jersey. How many chicks are trying out? 'Cause i said on 'trl' one day, I was, like, 'I hope limp gets some hot chick.'

>> You know, i would love to get --

[ cheers and applause ] -- so far, has been a girl in fresno.

>> Carson: One of the best so far?

>> She's, like, the best chemistry we've had with our band so far has been a girl from fresno.

>> Carson: All right, cool. Emily, what u u got? Emily's from jersey. You ready? Give us 30 seconds.

>> Yabba dabba.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> carson: That was cool. I thought that was pretty cool.

>> Anybody playing a les paul is a friend of mine.

>> Carson: Let me ask you this. If a girl ended up being the best that you saw and brought 'em into limp bizkit, would you have to get 'em their own tour bus?

[ Laughter ]

>> hell no.

[ Laughter ]

>> carson: Would you allow male groupies on the road with limp bizkit?

>> Hell no.

[ Laughter ]

>> carson: So you'd better get her her own bus.

>> You know, she can do her thing fofore we hit the bus. We can have our dressing room filled with a few hundred ladies. And she can have her dressing room filled with two or three guys.

[ Laughter ]

>> carson: Are you gonna find this guitar player, fred?

>> You know what? It's gonna happen.

>> Carson: If I get fired, maybe i'll play with you.

>> Dude, that would be tight.

>> Carson: I can't do crap on a guitar. Fred durst, everybody. Come back, man, next time.

[ Cheers and applause ] this is fred durst.

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Postby MoRtiCia13 » Wed Feb 13, 2002 10:18 am

i've been hearing good stuff about carson's show..they say he's a lot more 'real' and tells it like it is instead of pussy-footin' around and having 2 kiss all the poptarts asses and pretend 2 love all the crappy trl music. i haven't seen it yet cuz i normally dislike mr. daly..maybe i should give it a chance..anyone have any opinions of their own 2 share on his show?

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Postby Jack Daniels » Wed Feb 13, 2002 12:49 pm

I've seen it.
it's good, better than mtv that's for sure.
he seems like a cool guy who is a rocker at heart.

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Postby MoRtiCia13 » Mon Feb 18, 2002 10:57 am

kare and dale recorded the show with the d on it...:laugh: it was so F*** in' fun!
i actually was feelin' carson a little.
it was hillarious when jack sang him the little song about lovin' having a show with no 12 year olds around and not having 2 pretend 2 love sh** ney's music and being able 2 b around adults!
carson should stick with the adult audience i think...i didn't know he had it in him!
way 2 b carson!

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Postby Jack Daniels » Tue Feb 19, 2002 11:19 am

carson's cool. you and your d!

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Postby BaLLeRiNa BarBi » Tue Feb 19, 2002 5:14 pm

quit drinking? thankful to be alive? BULL CRAP! MAybe next time hell say he appriciates his fans

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