Green Day & Blink 182 on TRL

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Postby admin » Wed Feb 13, 2002 7:46 pm

Joining us by satellite in los angeles hello to green day and blink 182. Wha'ssup, fellas.

>> Hi!

>> Hello.

>> How are you.

>> Carson: Like a freaky intervention we are all gathered here today for a very cool announcement if you are a fan of all of your music and who wants to take the lead and tell us what's going on.

>> Trey.

>> He will speak on behalf of all of us.

>> Carson: Okay.

>> 'Pop disaster 2002' coming to a town you live in. It's going to rhyme but it was cheesey.>> Carson: We have heard rumors and today will sort of make it official 'pop disaster tour' blink 182 and green day. That is awesome. Do you know about this ticket information, we are doing something cool with that do you know he about that trey.

>> Yes, carson. You can purchase your ticks in advance on mtv.Com for the same price.

>> If a more expensive price.

>> Before they actually are for sale from other people.

>> Carn:N: Let me read what i have here, ha-ha. First chance to buy tickets for the tour starting, you can do it thursday february 21st mtv.Com.

>> That's way said!

>> Carson: The only place to buy them before they go on sale to the general public, takes place from april through june. Let me talk to the bling boys for a second.

>> Hi!

>> Hi, wha'ssup.

>> Carson: How rad is this when you started out, you were ruling radio. How did you get to be so lucky it tour with green day? How did this start.

>> We gave them lette, begging them for the past, you know, few years and then we became friends and now we're just closer than ever and we're only going to tour together, never going to play with any other bands, ever, again.

>> Carson: Tom, how is your back, did you have surgery.

>> It's good.

>> Carson: Show the scar, the scar.

>> No, they had to actually --.

>> Carson: Show the scar.

>> It is runs beneath the base of my penis and it is embarrassing.

>> Carson: We have seen it before.

>> I can walk now for the first time --

>> and heels.

>> I can wear them again!

>> Carson: More importantly that's good. Have you changed your sloppy posture on stage.

>> Change your sloppy playing.

>> No i won't change either of those.

>> Ohh, he calledouou out.

>> No. I have -- i take those classes that models take walk with books, my posture is better.

>> And you vomit a lot.

>> Yes, after i eat.

>> Carson: What about blink 182 attracted you to this tour?

>>Rorobably that incision around his penis. I mean not many guys with that


>> sounded toe me like it will be a big spectacle, event. We haven't done anything eventful for a while and sodeded like the biggest tour around so sounded like fun and jimmy eat world is gonna be on it, too.

>> Carson: That's awesome. And 'save the day' doing dates, too.

>> Takg over the last 3 weeks, i believe.

>> Carson: All right cool 'pop disaster tour' more with t guys of blink and green day live in los angeles we'll take a break

>> We will assign our making fun of to various peoples on tour and thass what it's about.

>> Carson: It looks good, though.

>> Actually a misprint it was supposed to be 'poop disaster'.

>> Yeah



>> there's not much gets accomplished with all of us




>> are we still on the air.

>> Carson: Yeah, we are on.

>> Everybody in the audience say ooo!

[Crowd simultaneously] ooooohh!

>> Sound good.

>> Okay stop.

>> Stop, stop, stop.

>> Carson: Before we let you go, tom what can you tell me about boxcar racer what's going on with that.

>> A side project with travis over here and we did some -- kind of like a more punk rock vibe. I don't know. It's cool. It is really -- it's different but it's still in the punk rock roots and it will be out in my may and i think kids will really like it and i hope they do.

>> Carson: How much faster do you play on that record than with blink.

>> It's kinda not really -- there is some really fast stuff but mostly like break beats, i don't know totally different as far as drums are concerned.

>> Carson: Who is playing guitar on it or singing?

>> I am. You guys are blessed with my voice more




>> carson: I heard it sounds a bit like

[inaudible] i don't know if that is fair.

>> No it's not. It is more of like a post hard core band than it is punk rock band. It's -- bands like quicksand or fugazzy, an e east coast kind of thing.

>> Carson: Again for anybody at home go to mtv.Com february 21st the only place to buy ticks before they go on sale to the general public. Boys thanks so much for being here green day, blink 182, jimmy eat world. On tour. Check it out in a town near you. Thanks, guys.

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Postby MoRtiCia13 » Mon Feb 18, 2002 10:47 am

'pop disaster 2002!'
cool name!

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Postby Jack Daniels » Tue Feb 19, 2002 11:25 am

yes, cause if you ask me, they are both just pop bands!

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Postby BaLLeRiNa BarBi » Tue Feb 19, 2002 5:08 pm

jack daniels... your an a**hole if you think their just pop bands. Do you listen to the words in their songs???? My guess is you dont. Expeccially in Blink songs like 'adams song' 'stay together for the kids' and others. You obviosly dont know the differnvce between BubbleGum Pop and CrappyPunk Rock. Or maybe you just dont beleive in CrappyPunk Rock.

Thanx Admin

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