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'The miami tim'' calls our first guest one of the most endung, controversial and engaging figures in hip -hop, he's a talented actor whose new films 'all about the benjamins' is the number one comedy in amicica.

>> Forget about the wallet. I've seen his face. We need to get position, wait for him to lead us.

>> I'm not leaving here until i find the wallet.

>> I don't believe the lotto. You won the lotto? Come on, please. Let it go, reggie, let it go.

>> You don't believe me.

>> Hell no. Craig: Please welcome ice cube. Craig: They love you, man.

>> I love them too. What's happening, y'all? Craig: Congratulations. Number one comedy in america.

>> Yeah, yeah, yeah. Craig: And if you had it your way, it would be even bigger.

>> Oh, no doubt, it would definitely be bigger. Craig: Tell them what happened. Tell them how it works.

>> You know, we went up against -- what was that, 'time machine' -- craig: Something like that, something.

>> Something, and another, mel gibson -- some cat named mel gibson, one of his movies, but they have 3500 screens in the marketplace and we only have 1700. Craig: Why is that?

>> I don't know, man. You be, maybe daus -- you know, maybe because -- you know, it's a black movie, you know. Craig: No, because -- because -- maybe it's because -- i don't know, mel gibson, legend, or whatever, but you still did extremely well.

>> Yeah. Craig: You've got to be pleased.

>> Yeah, very happy, man, people came out to support it, movie theaters are overspilling, lines around the corner. Feel good. First weekend. Craig: How much money do you get of that?

>> Not enough. Craig: What did you do in the movie? Produced? You did everything.

>> Produced it with a guy named matt alvarez that works for cube vision, my company, and wrote it with a guy named ron lang and starred in it with a guy names mike epps. Craig: Ducast the movie -- craig: Did you cast the movie? We had eva mendes on.

>> Yeah. Eva, yeah, yeah, yea craig: She's beautiful.

>> Yeah, yeah, she's pretty fair. Craig: Did you -- did you say you wanted her in the movie or how did that work out?

>> You know, she was just the best person for the part, you know, we didn't want girls in the movie that just looked hot, we wanted them to be able to be hot, know what i'm saying? Craig: What's the difference there, ice? How does that work? Looking hot and being hot. How is that?

>> Look hot is basically standing there and not really doing nothing, you know, like -- like a james bond chick would do, just basically stand there. We wanted somebody kind of get down and dirty with us, you know what i mean? Look good but still -- you know, a little -- a little -- a little rough too. Craig: A little rumble? A little throw-down? That kind of thing?

>> Got to have a chick that can rumble and throw down.

>> Was i being hot when I was making love to the camera early on? Was that being hot? You don't have to comment on that.

>> That was just kind of looking hot. But to the second cam remarks that's being hot. Craig: The second camera was being hot?

>> When you switched to the second camera, that was being hot. Craig: Are you worried about the lakers? I know you're a big laker fan. Shaq's big toe is is killing him and he's not going to be able to play in the playoffs.

>> Everybody leave the lakers alone. The lakers are fine. We're going to threepeat. Kobe bryant -- craig: How come ice cube i is wearing a miami heat jersey in the movie over the weekend?

>> I wanted it to look like I was from miami, you know, i wanted to have a shaq jersey or kobe jersey but then i would look like i was from l.A. And hardaway's my man. Craig: So you we're that.

>> I had to look real in the movie, you know. Craig: You've got to commit to the movie.

>> I'm acting so i've got to act right. Craig: How long has the c.D. Been out? Because it's doing extremely well.

>> That's been out -- that came out around december. Greatest hits, i have been rappin' around 15 years now and all that stuff. Craig: Do people come up and always say -- this is one of my favorites.

Waking up in the morning got to thank god kind of hot craig: That has a triple-double in it or not?

>> That's the round that got a triple-double. Craig: Jimmy run deep?

>> Yeah. Yeah, jimmy runs deep. Real deep. Yeah. No doubt. Craig: It doesn't get any better than that.

>> Hey. Exactly. Craig: You know. That's a great song.

>> How old were you when you first started rapping? Do you remember?

>> I was about 14. 14. Ninth grade. I was in class and -- you know, instead of doing my work, i wrote a rhyme, you know. So -- craig: Did someone challenge you? Or how did that work?

>> Yeah. This dude named kiddo challenged me to write a rhyme and i wrote a rhyme, he was -- hisas -- like every record he had ever heard was like shoved into his rhyme. Craig: He was taking old stuff and putting it in.

>> It was called 'bite.' He bit everything he heard. Me, mine was original.

>> And this was during class, the teacher was up there and you were not paying attention, writing raps in the back.

>> What ninth grader is? Craig: Do you remember exactly what you wrote? My first line was 'here is not run d.M.C. Or curtis blow.' It's not platinum material but that was the first line i ever wrote. Craig: That's cool.

>> Yeah, it was all right. It was all right. Craig: But you blew away your buddy. You won.

>> Yeah, yeah, you know, i mean, I'm a platinum artist so i better have won. Craig: You have been asked this before but i think there are a couple of different stories about how you got the name ice cube. What's the real story?

>> My brother gave it to me. Craig: What did he say?

>> Well, you know, he's -- a little older than me, and -- it was around the time, you know, puberty was kicking in and his girlfriends was calling and i'm trying to hook up with them and he thought i was trying to be too cool and he started calling me ice cube after a while. He stopped calling me that and i kept it and it became my rap name, now i can't get away from it. Craig: It's good. I'm a big basketball fan and i like george gervin, the ice man. Anything with ice except vanilla sounds good.

>> You got that right, you got that right. Craig: Stay with us. 'Five questions' when we come back with ice cube.

>> If you picked c, this guy, you're correct. Once again, craig kilborn.

>> We're back with ice cube. He's in the number one comedy in america, 'all about the benjamins' and you have over the years gotten good reviews for your acting. Have you ever studied acting?

>> No, no, i never studied it. About 1990, john singleton saw me, walked up to me -- john singleton is the director of 'boys in the hood.' And he saw me, just came up and said 'i got a movie that's perfect for you,' i'm like 'what?' I didn't take him seriously at first, and he kind of -- for two years he was on me about it. Craig: You hesitated?

>> Yeah. Craig: Why? You didn't think it was cool to act?

>> I had never -- i was thinking about rappin', man, i didn't care about acting and somebody walk up to you and tl you they want to put you in a movie, come on, please, right.

>> You were being cool. You were being ice cube.

>> I was being myself. Two years ago we did it and here i am now. Craig: Do you like the review -- it has to make you feel good when the reviews say you're doing a heck of a job acting.

>> I don't care. Craig: You don't care?

>> I care about the people, man, as long as the fans come up and say they love the project, that's good enough.

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