Gene Simmons Of KISS On Last Call With Carson Daly

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Postby admin » Sat Jun 29, 2002 4:34 am

Carson: Hey, guys, welcome back to 'last call.' My next guest is such an icon, it's hard to sum up all his accomplishments. He's sold millions of albums and concert tickets. He's a movie producer and a magazine publisher, plus he just said -- and I'm not kidding here -- if he ever went to jail, he'd want me to be his bitch. Plea welcome gene simmons, everybody.

[ Cheers and applause ] You're serious about that bitch thing, aren't you? You're seri -- oh, no! Put it away! Put it away! Put it away!

>> Just a little bit. Just a little bit.

>> Carson: Just a little what?

>> It won't hurt a lot. Just a little bit.

>> Carson: Ohh, god!

>> Behave yourself.

[ Laughter ]

>> Carson: Sandler, you still here!? Have a seat. Good to see you, gene. That was, honestly, the most frightening thing that's ever happened to me. It really was.

>> Thank you.

>> Carson: It was frightening. How are you? We have so much to talk abt. First of all --

>> Oh, okay.

>> Carson: -- How does a guy that's dressed like this -- put up that still, if you wouldn't mind, in there. How does this guy score 4,600 women?

>> Look, it's a little embarrassing to talk about that stuff. But if you must.

[ Laughter ] No, see, the reason I started to do my own magazine is I didn't want to wait for 'blender' to vote me. I was gonna vote myself.

>> Carson: Well, that's what happened. 'Blender' came out. And because you have scored 4,600 women, you became rock's number one, you know, shagger rock star or something.

>> It's such a stupid idea. I mean, it really is. You know, everybody leads their own life. Nobody here's a virgin. Anybody -- any virgin's here?

>> Carson: Don't answer that, by the way.

[ Light laughter ] It's a young crowd. I had to put it in perspective --

>> There are virgins here?

>> Carson: Oh, come on, this isn't 'loveline.'

[ Laughter ] I had to put this in perspective -- 4,600. Bring out -- let me show you a visual owhat this looks like so everybody can understand how many women you have been th

>> You're killing me.

>> Carson: This 4,600 gum balls.

[ Light laughter ] And there goes another one. Oh, it was nice. That's a lot of women there, gene. I mean, that's -- what was this chick like?

[ Laughter ]

>> So -- so, half seriously now, you're trying to tell me you've only been with one woman?

>> Carson: Look, here's mine right here.

[ Laughter ] This is mine compared to yours.

>> So it is about size?

>> Carson: Yeah, right, exactly.

>> No, honestly -- I mean, seriously, are you --

>> Carson: No, that's not important.

>> People get off -- but people get off on the number.

>> Carson: That's really not important.

>> But, you know, it's all relative. You know, a woman will say something like, 'well, I don't -- '

>> Carson: This isn't relative. This is 4,600 gum balls. This is astonishing.

>> Over 30 years, it winds up ing about 2 1/2 liaisons a week. That's not --

>> Carson: What about wilt chamberlain? He's got 20,000.

>> That doesn't work. That's a figment of somebo's imagination.

>> Carson: The math doesn't work out for that?

>> No.

>> Carson: What's that? That's like six girls a night sihe was 4.

>> About five a day --

>> Carson: That's disgusting is what that is.

>> -- Seven days a week. It's not true.

>> Carson: Right. Why did you start this magazin 'gene simmons tongue'? I like it. It's very cool.

>> Thank you.>> Cart inspired this? Atagines did you read and you thought, 'you know what? There's a whole. I need to put out a new -- '

>> You know, my thing was -- I came from another country. Let me just take this out of my mouth, please.

>> Carson: Yeah, take 'er out, please.

[ Light laughter ]

>> It's a piece of gum or something. Okay. So, I came from israel. I know I don't look swiss, right?

[ Scattered applause ] And -- wow.

[ Light laughter ] But I speak other languages. Germans out there --

>> Carson: Okay, let's not go down --

[ Gene speaking german ]

>> Carson: There's a lot of countries, gene, and we only have an hour tonight.

[ Laughter ] I'm glad to have the hour, but --

>> A little japanese, too. But --

>> Carson: What magazine -- what's wrong with what's out there?Do you -what do you read?

>> Magazines are fine. Everybody's doing a great job at what they're doing. But my notion in america has always been -- you know, I came from israel, this place that's suppose to be the promis I came to america and discovered the real one- the living, breathing one. 'Only in america' isn't just a phrase. By the way, it doesn't work in sweden or france. 'Only in france,' they don't have that there. 'Only in america' means that even a guy like me can come here and scale the heights. And so when I came here -- and I had the same dreams all of you have had.

>> Carson: Right.

>> You wake up in the middle of the night, 'I wish I could be -- ' you know what? You can. Nobody's born the pridident of the united states. Nobody's born carson daly.

>> Carson: Yeah, no. Maybe. There's a lot of gum balls here. Maybe there could be another one out there somewhere.

>> I woke up one day -- and I looked at the same magazines you do -- and said, 'you know, this magazine's cool, but I don't like that. I like this magazine, but I don't like that.' This is the hybrid magazine I always wanted to see on the stands. It's 'playboy' with the clothes on. It's 'rolling stone' without some college kid's point of view of what the political situation is in the world, as if he's qualified to comment on it.

>> Carson: But it does say something interesting in here. At the top, it says, 'sex, style and rock 'n' roll.'

>> Yeah, no drugs.

>> Carson: And you -- you're known for -- more astonishing than the women, you've never been drunk or had a cigarette or gotten high.

>> No, that's true.

>> Carson: You've been -- that's true. You've been in kiss almost 30 years.

>> Right. The -- it's not meant, by the way, for effect. I don't really -- it doesn't -- I don't think it's anything to be necessarily proud of or not. It's simply a life choice for myself. I think you should --

>> Carson: But some people may find that hard to believe just because the rock 'n' roll that we know of when we watch 'behind the music' or something.

>> Life's too short to try to convince anybody of anything. You're allowed to get high if you want to. You're a moron if you do. And if you're waiting to read the side of the cigarette packet that says, 'yeah, that's right. Gene simmons is right. You're a complete moron, you're smoking --' I mean, it's -- do you have to wait for the product to say so? We all know the same stuff. This stuff is bad for you. You're allowed to do it. I simply don't want to do it for myself. So this is an extension of my lifestyle and what I do. Notice how many times --

>> Carson: It's like a bible. It's like a cool, rock 'n' roll, hugh hefner like bible or something.

>> Right. Which is why hugh hefner's on the cover of this.

>> Carson: This is the first issue with hugh. And what about hugh and his women? And there you are. Hugh's had --

>> Hef.

>> Carson: Hef -- he's had, what, quality over quantity?

>> I think what he's done basically is live the lifestyle that we all wish we did, as men. He basically decided to completely negate the puritan ethnic -- the remnants which are still existing -- which is the notion that you're supposed to be married, have 2.5 kids and lead a paint-by-numbers lifestyle. He said, 'well, that may be nice, but that's not what I want to do. What I wanna do is to chase skirt as long as body parts defy gravity.'

>> Carson: Right.

[ Light laughter ]

>> And you know what?

>> Carson: It worked for him, yeah.

>> Me, too. It works for me, too. I like it. And I stand here unapologetic and unabashed in my love of all women. You shake it, I will follow you.

[ Laughter ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Carson: Wait, hold on. Hold on. It's funny you said that. I think enrique's singing that song tonight -- you shake it, and I will follow you. You've been -- but you have a girlfriend, shannon tweed, right? You guys have been together for 19 years.

>> 19 years.

>> Carson: Why aren't you married?

>> I'm crazy about her. We have two kids. We've live together for almost 19 years. And I'm crazy about her. And probably will always continue to live with her. But the notion of marriage I believe -- we're in the 21st century. I have certain philosophies about marriage. I believe it's an archaic notion. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't get married. You go ahead and get married. I strongly urge all women to get married as often as you can.

[ Light laughter ] 'Cause every time you get divorced, 50%, okay?

[ Light laughter ] By the way, for the guys, don't ever get married unless you're willing to pay for it.

>> Carson: Now, how are the girls gonna find a guy to get married if you're suggesting that guys should never get married because they're --

>> Because it's -- because not everybody can play guitar and be in a band or be carson daly, that's why. Because, the truth is, that life is about access, and your choices --

[ Laughter ]

>> Carson: Right.

>> -- And your choices have to do with the possibilities.

>> Carson: Right. I alysys thought it was a pretty good idea to get married. I'm just --

>> No, no, no.

>> Carson: I just discovered hugging.

[ Laughter ] I've got some time, gene.

>> He's a nice, cute kid, right? He's not -- how come you're not married?

>> Carson: It's a long story.

>> Because the women are out -- look, every one of these girls wants to have your child a - --

[ Laughter ]

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Laughter ]

>> Carson: Have you always been this, like, articulate and well-read? And I say that with no disrespect to you, because we just met. But people at home watching get away from your -- you're honey, aren't you? That's your whole -- that's the gig behind the whole thing -- not getting married and the women and --

>> I believe in full disclosure. I believe, when you meet a beautiful woman, you should look into her eyes and tell her the complete truth. 'I find you devastatingly beautiful. Tonight is going to be so miserable without you. Please share my bed.' And then --

>> Carson: That crap works?

[ Light laughter ]

>> Oh, yeah. And then she can say yes or no. But there's no games played, none of this other stuff. And come clean with her. Tell -- if it becomes love, tell her the truth -- 'I love you with all my heart, all my soul. But I also love your sister and your mommy, too.'

[ Light laughter ]

>> Carson: So, is that how it works with you? You're in a relationship --

[ Laughter ] Is that how it is? You're sort of just --

>> And your mommy, too.

>> Carson: -- Open relationship. Boy, you --

>> Listen -- listen, you can either get married and make believe you're gonna go to cleveland with your secretary on business. There's no business in cleveland. You don't have to take your secretary.

>> Carson: Wow.

>> I refuse to lie to you, to myself, to god --

>> Carson: You should teach at harvard. This should be like a great course for you to teach. This is very interesting stuff.

>> Well, I am -- I am writing a book now called -- my second one, by the way. The first one's a 'new york times' best-seller, still available at your bookstore, called 'kiss and make up.' The second one's gonna be called, 'buy this: Volume on' which is about this notion about marriage --

>> Carso it's an interesting noon.

>> -- Ethics and economy.

>> Carson: It's amazing -- yeah, well, listen. You have a lot of money and other stuff I wanna show up here before we have to go. You have the kiss condoms that are -- that are going on here.

>> Yeah, you know what? This started off as a stupid idea in the middle of the night. It's not so stupid. Look, every -- there's no choice, every man out there, out of respect to the woman he's with, or the farm an, your pick, whatever -- whatever's going on in your life, you owe it out of respect to yourself and to the one you're with, or the ones you're with, to put one of these on. It doesn't have to be with my face.

>> Carson: Right.

>> You have the choice of putting something looks like s that came out of 'spartacus,' some guy

a roman helmet.

>> Carson: Right, that's frightening, too.

>> Or you can put this good-looking guy right on your johnson, okay?

[ Light laughter ]

>> Carson: Hey, that was like -- that was awesome.

>> Thank you.

>> Carson: That was cool what you just did.

[ Light laughter ] And then you have, if I'm not mistaken, like -- they're kiss -- they're caskets, right?

>> Sure.

>> Carn: W -it's an actual casket? Are these for people thave in their house to hang and lounge in or is this for people who die and want --

>> You can actually take the last ride with kiss if that's what you like.

>> Carson: You sell these -- and you sell a lot of them I understand.

>> Oh, they're huge. They're huge. And -- or, when you're' alive, you open one up sunday afternoon while you're watching the ball game, because it's also cooler.

[ Light laughter ]

>> Carson: Gene wants to be with you in the best of times and, obviously, the worst of times.

>> And if -- by thway --

>> Carson: From condoms to caskets.

>> And if you're not sure what to buy -- if you're not sure what to buy, go into any store and whip one of these babies out.

>> Carson: Yeah.

>> Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.

>> Carson: What's that? A kiss credit card you got there, too?

>> It's a kiss visa.

>> Carson: Geez. Boy, if menudo only knew the money they could have made atat the end, they would be rocking right now.

>> I'm familiar with that name.

>> Carson: What else do you got for me? We gotta go.

>> I got lots. But --

>> Carson: 'Gene simmons tongue,' we can go out with this.

>> Here's what -- here's what I've gotta say to everybody.

>> Carson:O ahead.

>> There's some purists out there -- rock 'n' roll purists, and kiss fans especially get really pissed off at this thing. You know what? Life is too short to live small dr I wanna live big, I wanna dream big. And I wanna make no apologies --

>> Carson: Yeah.

>> -- For anything I do. Everything I love, I stand behind. And you know what? You're gonna p me on tv, I wanna put this right in your face.

>> Carson: Yeah. Oh, yeah, sure. And just like you did your tongue when we started the interview. That was interesting, too. Thanks for being here. I appreciate it.

>> Thank you.

>> Carson: Gene simmons, everybody.

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