Marc Anthony Out Looking For Love

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Marc Anthony out looking for love
Monday July 15, 2002

The two-year marriage of Latin crooner Marc Anthony is over because . . . despite his image as a bighearted family man . . . the star is selfish and spent little time with his family.

That's the real story behind the split of 32-year-old Anthony and his wife, former Miss Universe, Dayanara Torres, say insiders.

What's more . . . far from being heartbroken over the breakup . . . macho Anthony was out partying and trying to bed a young beauty just days before the separation was announced!

"Marc is squarely in the center of his own universe and everyone else is on the outside," a family friend told The ENQUIRER.

"He just didn't have the time for Dayanara and his 17-month-old-son, Cristian!

"He would sleep all day, get up late in the afternoon and then hang out with his friends into the night.

"Then, to top things off, he recently told Dayanara he would be gone most of the summer on a big tour of the U.S. and Canada! Dayanara just got fed up!"

The former beauty queen was also disturbed by the way Marc has treated 7-year-old Arianna, the child he fathered with former girlfriend Debbie Rosado, said insiders.

"In public he croons tenderhearted messages of love to the little girl, but for years he has dragged his feet over raising the girl's child support, even though his income has skyrocketed and he's signed a $30 million contract with Sony," an inside source told The ENQUIRER.

"Marc parades the image that he's concerned and sensitive about women and children, but the way he treated his own daughter really bothered Dayanara."

"I think Marc should be much happier as a single man," Anthony family friend Victor Cruz told The ENQUIRER. "That way he won't have to worry about anything . . . no headaches!"

Apparently, the superstar singer feels the same way. On June 29, just days before the separation with Dayanara was announced, the singer was partying hard . . . and looking for love!

In the Casbah Night Club in Trump's Taj Mahal Casino and Resort in Atlantic City, Marc drank with buddies Donald Trump and Jon Bon Jovi and then hit on a beautiful young 24-year-old from New York.

"I walked into the club at midnight and recognized Marc Anthony immediately," the woman, who asked that her name not be used, told The ENQUIRER.

"He was sitting in a booth with Jon Bon Jovi and Donald Trump. I went right up to his table to say hello. We hit it off and he asked me to sit down and began ordering me drink after drink.

"I asked him if he was still married, he held up his hand and said, 'You don't see a ring, do you?'

"He said his marriage was over for good, and that there was no chance he would reconcile. But he didn't seem too upset, and his hands did most of the talking . . . he couldn't keep them off of me!

"At first we just kissed and cuddled, but when it started getting later he began telling me he wanted me to go back to his room.

"Luckily, I sobered up a little and decided that going up to his room might not be the greatest idea, so I said goodbye and left."

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